Research Video Playlist

HOLMES: Health OnLine Model Ensemble Serving for Deep Learning Models in Intensive Care Units

Shenda Hong, Yanbo Xu,Alind Khare, Satria Priambada, Kevin Maher, Alaa Aljiffry, Jimeng Sun, Alexey Tumanov


STEAM: Self-Supervised Taxonomy Expansion with Mini-Paths

Yue Yu, Yinghao Li, Jiaming Shen, Hao Feng, Jimeng Sun, Chao Zhang

BOND: Bert-Assisted Open-Domain Named Entity Recognition with Distant Supervision

Chen Liang, Yue Yu, Haoming Jiang, Siawpeng Er, Ruijia Wang, Tuo Zhao, Chao Zhang

Hierarchical Topic Mining via Joint Spherical Tree and Text Embedding

Yu Meng, Yunyi Zhang, Jiaxin Huang, Yu Zhang, Chao Zhang, Jiawei Han

LogPar: Logistic PARAFAC2 Factorization for Temporal Binary Data with Missing Values

Kejing Yin, Ardavan Afshar, Joyce Ho, William Cheung, Chao Zhang, Jimeng Sun