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Soft Condensed Matter Physics

Matter is a central concept in Physics. We are interested in how matter forms, how it is structured, how it flows and deforms, and how it becomes undone. To push the boundaries of our understanding, we develop and characterize model systems that are assembled from a minimal set of components. Precise control of components’ concentration and interactions enables direct and quantitative comparison with theory.

Currently, our focus is on the behavior of matter far from equilibrium. The questions that drive our research are:

  • How does matter flow, assemble and deform when energy is injected at the microscopic scale?
  • How does matter reconfigure under external stress?
  • How does matter break?

To address these questions, we borrow tools from biochemistry, chemistry, optics, electronics and mechanics. Students in the lab will acquire skills in advanced light microscopy, rheology, data analysis and theoretical modeling.


Lab & Office: MoSE 2145