What are the subjects the students will be tested on, and what format of questions?

Multiple choice and short answer questions. The subject covers all the content covered in the AP-STAT college board exam.

Is that for students who have completed AP Statistics?  Or for students currently enrolled in the class?

No, it is open to everyone.

Also, do we register as a team?  Do the students compete as a team?  Or as individuals?  Do we need to be together in the same room? 

No teams this year, all the participants will complete individually.

Should I be there as a coach?  Do the students each need to be on a laptop? 

No need for a laptop and you do not need to be there as a coach.

I have some current students who will not have covered all the material by then. Will they get any substantive feedback so they can see how well they did on different content areas?

Unfortunately, we do not provide feedback.

Can I see previous Statistics competition practice problems or tests.
Why is round 2 a 5-hour long session?

It is a full-day program in which the participants meet with a couple of professors, take a campus tour, have breakfast and lunch, etc.