The goal of Team Embrace is to provide an introduction to robotic design with an existing robotic base and educate students on various technical skills. For mechanical skills, we give students insight into good mechanical design principles, allow them to understand different modes of power transmission including electrical and pneumatic, and make repairs on an existing robot chassis. For electrical skills, we will teach basic circuit design and useful components, interface with microcontrollers and computers to control electronic devices, and how to use industrial equipment to manufacture PCBs.

Mechanical Team:
  • Work with all types of materials and use tools at every meeting
    Learn to use machines like CNC mill, laser cutter, drop-saw, etc.
  • CAD and Design
    • Will use AutoCAD
    • Fusion 360 and Solidworks
  • Electronics
    • Discussion on power distribution and supplies
  • Rapid Prototyping
    • Apply engineering skills to design and create potential devices
Electrical Team:
  • Basic circuit and components
  • Controlling circuits from a computer
  • Controlling circuits from UI interfaces