Navigating Autism in Communities of Color

This is a documentary film based on the stories of struggle and hope in the Black Committee.

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Film Synopsis

Navigating Autism in Communities of Color is based on the stories of six Black families, as well as experts in the field, on the unique struggles of navigating autism in a structurally unequal society and determination for equal access. In collaboration between the School of History and Sociology and the School of Literature Media and Communication at Georgia Tech, and The Color of Autism Foundation, Navigating Autism offers a first-hand account of the challenges and hopes for a future that embraces autism in Black communities.

What people are saying about the film

“It was truly sensational.  I had expected an emphasis on hardship and disparity from the title, and there was plenty of truth about that represented in the film, but to me it was an overwhelming “glass-half-full” representation of humanity, acceptance, and transcendence among courageous families of color who affirmed first and foremost hope and respect for the lives of their children and their families.” – John Constantino, Chief, Behavioral and Mental Health, and Liz and Frank Blake Chair for Children’s Behavioral and Mental Health at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Thank you for making this film. These voices need to be heard!” – Autism Clinician/Therapist

Absolutely powerful.” – Caregiver of autistic person and autism researcher

This documentary should be shared in other universities , community events and with those that work with families of autism in minority communities.” – Former early intervention specialist

I work at Babies Can’t Wait and wish that all the providers could see this. I learned things that I can say to help encourage my families.” – Early intervention specialist

This documentary was funded through the generous donation by the Enda Wardlaw Charitable Trust and the School of History and Sociology, Georgia Institute of Technology.