Tong’s Lab tackles challenges in the interdisciplinary areas of sustainable materials and catalytical conversion. We target innovative technologies (self-assembly, catalysis, and machine learning) for producing chemicals, materials, and fuels from renewable resources for a beneficial circular economy.

Lab News

Welcome new members joining Tong Lab

Apr 2023 | Atlanta, GA

Welcome to the new PhD student Akanksha!

Welcome to the visiting professor Dr. Okbaz!

Welcome to the postdoc researcher Dr. Qin!

Publication of book chapter in Advances in Bioenergy

Mar 2023 | Atlanta, GA

The book chapter Functional Naturally derived Materials to Improve the Environment: Chemical Structures, Modifications, Applications, and Future Perspectives is published in the latest volume in Advances in Bioenergy.

Geng-Sheng and Wenbo received AICHE divisional travel awards

Nov 2022 | Pheonix, AZ

Congratulations! Geng-Sheng and Wenbo received Forestry and Plant Bioproducts Division Travel Awards at 2022 AICHE annual meeting.