Tong’s Lab tackles challenges in the interdisciplinary areas of sustainable materials and catalytical conversion. We target innovative technologies (self-assembly, catalysis, and machine learning) for producing chemicals, materials, and fuels from renewable resources for a beneficial circular economy.

Lab News

Welcome new members joining Tong Lab !

Nov 2022 | Atlanta, GA

Welcome to the two visiting PhD scholars Jiaxuan, and Rongrong!

Welcome to the undergraduate research assistant Revati!

Geng-Sheng and Wenbo received AICHE divisional travel awards !

Nov 2022 | Pheonix, AZ

Congratulations! Geng-Sheng and Wenbo received Forestry and Plant Bioproducts Division Travel Awards at 2022 AICHE annual meeting.

Ji and Geng-Sheng passed the qualifying exam !

May 2022 | Atlanta, GA

Congratulation! Ji passed the qualifying exam in May 2022. Geng-Sheng passed the qualifying exam in January 2022.