Hello! My name is Tejas Santanam and I am a Lecturer at the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering. I received an MS in Analytics at Georgia Tech with a dual concentration in Computational Data Analytics and Business Analytics. I also participated in the Tech to Teaching certification program. I did my BS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech as well. As a student, I worked with Dr. Pascal van Hentenryck on research related to public transit systems in the areas of optimization and machine learning. Outside of Georgia Tech, I work as a Research Engineer at the autonomous mobility startup Beep.

Teaching Experience:

ISYE 4134 Constraint Programming (Spring 2023)

ISYE 4803 Network Science and Analytics (Summer 2023)

ISYE 4803 Network Science and Analytics (Fall 2023)


B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021

M.S. in Analytics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022

Research Publications:

Resiliency of On-Demand Multimodal Transit Systems During a Pandemic

Public Transit for Special Events: Ridership Prediction and Train Optimization

Ease and Equity of Point of Interest Accessibility via Public Transit in the US

Changes in Commuter Behavior from COVID-19 Lockdowns in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area

Deep Image Style Transfer from Freeform Text

Teaching Assistant Experience:

ISYE 8813/4134 Constraint Programming (Fall 2021)

ISYE 4106 Senior Design (Spring 2022)

ISYE 8813/4134 Constraint Programming (Fall 2022)