Workplace Ecology Lab (WeLab) focuses on translational research, which bridges the gap between research and the implementation and evaluation of practices to improve the built environment, especially the workplace, through evidence-based practice/design as well as practice-based research. WeLab’s research is centered around the effective facility and workplace management and their impacts on: occupants’ health and well-being; organization’s overall profitability and productivity; and environmental, economic, and social sustainability in buildings. WeLab’s research provides innovative strategies for healthy, sustainable, and human and function-centered workplaces in practice and research.

Dr. Eunhwa Yang, Director of WeLab

Dr. Yang’s scholarly passion lies in the area of sustainable and healthy built environments. Her current research focuses on stakeholder engagement and energy efficiency in tenanted properties, smart operation and maintenance using data analytics, and healthy workplaces. The significance of her work is to redirect split incentives between owners and tenants in leased properties, support data-driven decision-making during the operation and maintenance of buildings, and understand how buildings can support human health and well-being. Eunhwa Yang is an assistant professor in the School of Building Construction and received a Ph.D. in Human Behavior and Design from Cornell University. She has been actively involved with the International Facility Management Association and CoreNet Global. She developed and redesigned graduate courses for Masters in Building Construction and Facility Management and Professional Masters in Occupational Safety and Health. Her students have been recognized in the field by winning many scholarships and competitions.

Current members

Ibrahim Bilau, Ph.D. Student (ibilau3@gatech.edu)
Ibrahim’s research interest is in the intersection of technology and the built environment, with specifics on how Human-Computer Interaction could further enhance liveability in the built environment.


Marwan Shagar (Ph.D.), Ph.D. Student (mshagar@gatech.edu) Marwan has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and is currently pursuing a second Ph.D. in Building Construction. Marwan’s research interest is in indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and its impact on occupants of different types of buildings ( office, residential, educational, etc.).


Abdurrahman Baru, Ph.D. Student (abaru8@gatech.edu) Abdurrahman’s research interest is in merging sustainable design principles with affordable housing strategies through innovative building technologies and materials.


Anushka Kankariya, MS Student (akankariya3@gatech.edu)
Anushka has an Architectural background and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Building Construction and Facility Management. her research interest is in How workplace flexibility can Improve the Productivity of Employers.


Previous Students and their current work positions  
Sungil Hong, (Ph.D.), Postdoctoral researcher at Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory
Yujin Kim, (Ph.D.),Postdoctoral researcher at Microsoft
Ipsitha Bayapu (MS), Assistant Project Manager at Northstar Project & Real Estate Services
Catherine Bisson (MS), Adaptive Reuse Project Manager at JLL
Minh Duong (MS), Technical Designer at Wakefield Beasley & Associates
Juan Guevara-Ramirez (MS), ICT/BIM Engineer at Okland Construction
Ning Wang (Visiting Scholar), Lecturer at the School of Public Administration at Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics
Brandi Williams (MS), Estimator at MetroPower
Duo Xu (MS), Design Engineer at M.C. Dean, Inc.

Professional Associations
IFMA https://www.ifma.org/
CoreNet Global https://www.corenetglobal.org/
RICS https://www.rics.org/north-america/