ChemE Jeopardy

What is ChemE Jeopardy?

The Georgia Tech Chemical Engineering Jeopardy Team is a group of students who are passionate about chemical engineering and trivia.

In the 2022 season, the team placed 1st at the Regional Conference and 4th at the AICHE Conference in Phoenix

Why should I Join?

You will learn about chemical engineering in a fun and challenging way

You will meet other students who are passionate about chemical engineering.

You will have the opportunity to compete against other universities at the Regional and National ChemE Jeopardy Competitions.

Hear from the Team!

My favorite part of the team is definitely the people on it! I think we have a good team dynamic: everyone is super supportive and helpful! We all want to do well in the competition, but our main goal is to have a good time during practices and the actual competition.

Saachi Dalvi

Associate Control Systems Engineer , Ingredion

Ji Eun Lim, Andrew Neville, Saachi Dalvi, Pallavi Natarajan, Ethan Guglielmo (not pictured)