Club Math

Club Math is a social organization for students interested in mathematics and problem solving at Georgia Tech. We have four problems every meeting, with topics ranging from calculus to game theory. We also host various events throughout the semester, including a Möbius strip bagel-cutting workshop, registration advice days, and game nights. Currently, I am the Vice President of Club Math.

Association of Women in Mathematics

I am also an officer in the Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM) Undergrad Chapter at Georgia Tech. Our mission is to support women studying mathematics and to help create a welcoming and inclusive environment on campus. Throughout the semester, we host a variety of educational, social, and career development focused events. Previously, I have served as Event Coordinator and I will be taking the role of Club President next spring.


The Catalyst team is a part of HexLabs, a student-run nonprofit at Georgia Tech. Last year, we organized a 6-hour STEM learn-a-thon event for high school students in the Metro-Atlanta area. I was a lead for the Artificial Intelligence track. In this role, I created interactive curriculum which introduced the students to machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. Look here to see our slide deck and at this or this for the coding projects that the students worked on.