Fractal Geometry and the Fourier Transform

This project was completed for the Georgia Tech directed reading program during the fall 2021 semester. For the DRP, I learned about several topics, including fractal geometry and the Fourier transform. Using Python, I created software which generates representations of various fractals, including the Cantor set, Mandelbrot set, and circle inversion fractals. In my paper, I present an introduction to these topics, and share the code that I wrote during the course of the program.

Asteroid Diameter Prediction

Using the Small-Body Dataset from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, I developed a machine learning based prediction system for asteroid diameters. My team used Scikit-learn to create our models and visualize our results. This project was completed for CS 4641: Machine Learning.

Modeling Pesticide Resistance

For my mathematical biology class, I studied the effect of pesticides on an insect population. To do this, I designed a compartmental model using differential equations. Then, I used MATLAB and NetLogo to simulate the results of my model. To learn more about my project, read my report where I discuss my methods and the advantages of different types of pest management systems.