Undergraduate Students

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Lianna Arnold

Lianna Arnold is a first-generation student from California. She is an NRE major with an RSE concentration. Lianna hopes to attend grad school for medical physics and pursue a career in radiotherapy by either working in a hospital alongside an oncologist or via research in a lab. Within the RED2 Laboratory, Lianna is researching biokinetic models for mice and similar rodents across several radionuclides in order to determine the effects of different chelators. Lianna is a recipient of the CoE Honors Award for NRE.

Sabrina Berman

Sabrina Berman is second-year undergrad student at Georgia Tech in the NRE program with a concentration of nuclear engineering. She is interested in medical and environmental applications of nuclear science and engineering. Berman is supporting research in the RED² research group investigating radiopharmakokinetics associated with internal radionuclide-emitting cancer therapies.


Alicia Borel

Alicia Borel is an undergraduate student in NRE/MP at Georgia Tech. Her participation in Georgia Tech’s RED² research group includes an individual project focusing on assessing the correlations between filter performance with the activity released to air from PET radionuclides in a cyclotron system by utilizing Linux and Python for data analysis. Alicia’s specific interests include radiation detection and computational dosimetry; however, she is greatly intrigued by other aspects of the NRE program as well.

Albert Grant Espy

Albert Grant Espy is a first-year undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech pursuing a robotics and an energy systems minor. His current involvement in RED² Laboratory includes working on the preliminary design of a robot meant to help lower the cost of decommissioning nuclear sites by collecting and detecting radiation in soil samples. Grant hopes to apply his experiences in the lab to both future robotics and energy system design. Grant is also the suspension subteam lead of Georgia Tech Solar Racing helping to build a fully solar powered car, as well as a member of the LIDAR Laboratory for Intelligent Decision and Autonomous Robots Lab. He is also a gracious recipient of the Georgia Institute of Technology Full Ride Stamps Presidential Scholarship.

Lydia Keifer

Lydia Keifer is a second-year undergraduate student in the CHBE program at Georgia Tech; she is also earning her minor in NRE. Her current involvement in the RED² Laboratory includes investigating research on tungsten and heavy metal alloys and their connection to the onset of lung fibrosis. Lydia hopes to apply her experiences in the lab throughout her career as an aspiring medical physicist. Some of her other interests within the field include radiotherapy, reactor physics, and nuclear pharmacy.

Matthew Louis

Matthew Louis is an undergraduate student (in the NRE/MP program) in Georgia Tech’s RED² laboratory. His work is mainly focused on auxiliary support of the lab’s inhalation biokinetics and dosimetry project, namely using Python to create a 3D visualization of the time varying distribution of radionuclides in the body. Matthew’s interest include (but are not limited to) advanced reactors, computational reactor physics, and nuclear fusion.

Louis is a recipient of the:

  • FY2021 U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy – University Nuclear Leadership Program Undergraduate Scholarship
  • 2022 Health Physics Society Travel Grant

Shwe Soundararajan

Shwe Soundararajan is an undergraduate NRE/MP student in the RED² Laboratory at Georgia Tech. Her research involves biokinetics and targeted radionuclide therapy through using human computational models to analyze metabolic pathways of radiopharmaceuticals in the body. Prior to joining the RED² Lab, Shwe earned her pharmacy technician certification. Shwe’s interest include medical physics, radiology, and nuclear medicine.

Samuel Taylor

Sam Taylor is a senior undergraduate student in the RED² Laboratory at Georgia Tech. His work is related to deformable image registration and the use of machine learning in the processing of medical images. This work seeks to create more efficient methods in the detection and segmentation of medical scans with relation to the identification and area mapping of tumors or abnormalities within scans. Prior to joining the RED² Laboratory, Sam worked in the CRMP Laboratory for Dr. Farzad Rahnema managing the website and helping conduct projects related to the use of stochastic methods in modelling reactors. He hopes to help further develop the software applications in nuclear engineering.

Ezra Yaador

Ezra Yaador is an undergraduate majoring in Physics. His current work in the RED² Laboratory involves using computational mouse phantoms to calculate internal radionuclide energy depositions and s-values for probing the effectiveness of chelation agents in reducing internal radionuclide exposure and its effects. Ezra has interest to pursue a career in medical physics, and is interested in everything related to the field, including radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging.