Georgia Tech Resources and Culture

Georgia Tech is a school steeped in tradition and, as a new Yellow Jacket, you are now a part of these traditions.

In GT 1000, you will learn some of these traditions in more detail. For more complete descriptions of many of the most significant Georgia Tech traditions, legends, and history, visit the Living History website of the Tech Alumni Association. Another resource is the T-Book, which is given to all first-year students and includes information about Georgia Tech history, traditions, and important figures.

Use the materials in this section to learn more about Georgia Tech, its history, its traditions, and its resources.

Contributors to this Section

Steven Girardot, Ph.D. Dr. Girardot is the Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Georgia Tech.

Lacy Hodges, Ph.D. Dr. Hodges is the Assistant Director of the Center for Academic Enrichment at Georgia Tech.

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