Chris He’s Guitar

For this Maker Monday, we interviewed Chris He, a third-year BME major. Chris has been involved with the Flowers Invention Studio for over two years and for a majority of this time he has been a PI. Chris first became involved with the Studio because he researched with a lab that manufactured a majority of their supplies using the equipment in the Invention Studio. Later, he became a PI because of the many perks that came along with it one of them being 24/7 access to the Studio; the training to become a PI was also very relevant to the work that he was doing beforehand. Over the two years, Chris has worked on many projects including the creation of an electric car and a skateboard made supplies in the Studio. Currently, Chris is making a guitar with 3-D printing. He said, “I’ve always been super into music and stumbled onto the design online.” This then inspired him to begin creating his spin on the design by printing six sections of the instrument, which he has started to glue together. Chris gave this advice to those who wanted to get involved, “Get started early; many 4th and 5th years never  get involved early and regret it later on.” He also advised people to never be afraid to ask PIs for help. They’re always there and open to help other people who may not have had experience with the equipment in the Studio.

Remember, if you have any personal or class projects you want to work on, come to the Flowers Invention Studio open Monday-Friday 9 am-4:30 pm. 

Author: Garrett Joyce

Second-year Industrial Engineering Student from Jersey City, NJ.

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