Below is a list of INFORMS and ISyE research awards for which Ph.D. students are eligible.


Note that each society in INFORMS has its own student awards, e.g., TSL Dissertation Award.

ISyE Awards

Information about these awards will be sent to your GT e-mail when applications open. 2021 winners are in parentheses.

  • Alice and John Jarvis Ph.D. Student Paper Competition (TBD)
  • Area-specific fellowships for excellence in research:
    • Advanced Manufacturing and SIAC: Angela P. and Reed J. Baker Fellowship (Jialei Chen)
    • Analytics and Machine Learning: Margaret and Stephen Kendrick Fellowship (Keyu Zhu)
    • Applied Probability and Simulation: Ed Iacobucci Fellowship (Daniela Hurtado-Lange)
    • Data Science and Statistics: Robert Goodell Brown Fellowship (Liyan Xie)
    • Health Analytics and Health Systems: Thos and Clair Muller Fellowship (Zhaowei She)
    • Optimization: Shabbir Ahmed Fellowship (Sebastian Perez-Salazar and Jiaming Liang)
    • Supply Chain Engineering: Atlanta Air Cargo Association Fellowship (Jana Boerger)