Seminar Series

The ISyE student-led seminars provide students with opportunities to learn about a wide variety of research areas, connect with visiting speakers and their peers, and practice for upcoming talks at major conferences such as INFORMS. The ISyE Student Seminar consists of short talks or tutorials given by a PhD students, followed by refreshments, question and answer sessions, and discussions.

The scope of the  ISyE Discrete Optimization Seminars (DOS) is defined as “discrete optimization in the broadest sense” and contains talks given by visiting professors and current PhD students on integer and combinatorial optimization and related areas such as network flow, stochastic, continuous and global optimization.  The ISyE Transportation Sciences and Logistics (ISyE-TSL) Seminars aim to bring researchers focusing on Transportation Science and/or Supply Chain together and spread the latest advances in both theory and applications.

  • Resource Allocation with Limited Flexibility, Daan Rutten (11/01/2019)