A curated list of intellectual property (IP) is below.  There are two sets of IP to review
  1. The General IP List (May also have some MSE IP too that are flagged)
  2. The Materials Science related IP for the Materials track of the hackathon
The use of MSE related IP, or, if you are an MSE student is eligible for winning separate award money.
If you are interested in additional IP, please see https://licensing.research.gatech.edu/technologies; if you identify any IP of interest at this link, please email Michael Varon (Office of Technology Licensing) at Michael.Varon@gtrc.gatech.edu to confirm whether the technology is still active and eligible for this hackathon.
Should you desire more details around the technology or technologies of interest, please contact the faculty directly by their email below and request additional information (papers, presentations) and/or a brief meeting/discussion.  

Give a few seconds for the list to load below if it appears blank-  Good luck!