Ongoing Research

Autobiographical memory and meaningful lives 

  • Contemplating temporal landmarks and pursuing a meaningful life: differential psychological processes underlying past and future thinking. In H-W. Liao and B. Demiray (Chairs), Implications of Mental Time Travel for Positive Development in Adulthood and Old Age. Paper presented by Liao, H.-W. & Kim, D. at 2023 SARMAC, Nagoya, Japan.
  • Recalling and envisioning milestone birthdays and pursuing a meaningful life. Poster presented by Kim, D. and Liao, H.-W. at 2023 SPSP in Atlanta, GA.
  • Contemplating temporal landmarks, sensing time, and pursuing a meaningful life in adulthood. Poster Presented by Kim, D. and Liao, H.-W. at 2022 GSA in Indianapolis, IN.

Remembering in sociocultural contexts

  • Life narratives from older blacks and non-Latino whites: Racial background and event type moderated the gendered script concerning agency and communion. Poster presentation by Aktas, C., Liao, H.-W., & Oltmanns, T. F. at 2023 APS Annual Meeting, Washington, D. C.
  • Love versus achievement: How gender and race impact the memories of older adults. Poster presented at the 16th Annual Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium and the 1st Annual Conference of Psychological Research in April 2022 at Georgia Tech by *Bell, K.,, *Burchfield, S., *Chun, G., *Davis, , *McMorris, B., *Rehberg D. G., Liao, H.-W., & Oltmanns, F. T. *VIP students contributed equally to this work.
  • Retirees’ memories of work life and well-being after retirement: A qualitative inquiry. Poster presented at GSA 2019 by Hahnel, T., Hommelhoff, S., & Liao, H.-W.

Engagement with life and successful aging

  • Expecting longevity improves young people’s attitudes toward the old. Poster to be presented by Kim, S. & Liao, H.-W. at the 2024 SPSP in San Diego, CA.
  • Effects of social engagement on well-being and cognitive functioning in older Hispanics. Poster  presented by Liao, H.-W. & Kang, H. at 2023 GSA in Tampa, FL.
  • Relationships of social and cognitive activity to well-being and cognitive functioning over time. Paper presented by Liao, H.-W., Chu, L., & Carstensen, L. L. at 2023 GSA in Tampa, FL.

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