Our group has two major foci, both of which rely on ultrafast spectroscopy, and particularly coherent Raman techniques.

We develop spectroscopic coherent Raman microscopy methods and apply them to biological, biotechnology, and biomedical problems. We are currently working on improving speed, precision, and simplicity of broadband coherent Raman scattering (BCARS) microscopy techniques. We are also applying these to understand mechanism of viral replication in human cells, and lipid metabolism in C. elegans, a model organism.
We use coherent Raman, neutron scattering, and simulation to understand fundamental relaxation processes in non-crystalline condensed matter. We are currently developing simple optical methods for quantifying THz-range dynamic processes in dried protein formulations and other pharmaceutical preparations. We are also pursuing an understanding of how the most fundamental relaxation processes (which take place on a picosecond timescale) ultimately lead to relaxation and transport in all non-crystalline condensed matter.

BCARS Microscope, August 2020

BCARS Beginning

Setting up the BCARS microscope, August 2019