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Moderna Grant

Post-doc Sunil Yadava was awarded three years of funding for developing ambient-stabile RNA cancer vaccines.

Congratulations Sunil!

DOE Grant

The US Department of Energy has provided three years of funding for the development and testing of a microscope based on coherent Raman scattering and highly sensitive coherence-gated detection that will enable our collaborators to better understand metabolic interactions between plant roots and bacteria that fix nitrogen for them. Professor Cicerone is the lead PI on the project that includes co-PIs Lily Cheung (ChBE), Francisco Robles (BME) and Joel Kostka (Biology)

Curci Foundation Grant

The Curci Foundation has provided two years of funding for our group to explore the ability of Raman spectroscopy to uniquely identify functional states of biological systems. Successful demonstration of this idea will lead to simplified diagnostic strategies with potentially higher disease stratification than can now be realistically done for large numbers of patients.

FDA Collaboration

The United States Food and Drug Administration has provided funding for us to use our BCARS microscope to help them look for evidence of aberrant immune response to Covid-19 in tissues taken from patients with severe disease.

Glenn Foundation for Medical Research Fellowship

Wei-Wen Chen was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship in aging research from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research. This is a one year fellowship beginning October 1, 2020. Wei-Wen will spend three months of that time in Kaveh Ashrafi‘s lab at UCSD in San Francisco, California.

Congratulations Wei-Wen!

Georgia Research Alliance Award

The Cicerone Group received a Phase 1 Business Development Award from the Georgia Research Alliance to develop compact coherent Raman instrumentation based on intellectual property generated in our lab. This 9-month award will prepare us to launch an independent business that will create jobs in Georgia.

Tutorial Lectures at ICONS 2020

Doctor Cicerone presented two tutorial lectures at the International School on Nonlinear Vibrational Spectro-microscopy (ICONS) on July 31. The event was originally scheduled to be held in Rome, Italy but was delivered online via Zoom.

Nature Chemical Biology Publication

Our work, entitled “Spectroscopic coherent Raman imaging of Caenorhabditis elegans reveals lipid particle diversity” was published in Nature Chemical Biology.

Collaborative Travel Award

Wei-Wen Chen was awarded a $10,000 Collaborative Research Travel Grant from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund for his project entitled:  Interrogation of the Mechanistic Links between Fat Metabolism and Aging by Broadband Raman Spectral Imaging. Wei-Wen plans to use the award to support a three-month visit to Kaveh Ashrafi’s lab at UCSF to learn genetic modification techniques for C. elegans. Professor Ashrafi’s lab uses C. elegans in leading edge of aging and lipid meetabolism.

National Cancer Institute Grant

The Cicerone group has been awarded a 3-year grant by the National Cancer Institute to use broadband coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering to develop a label-free microscopy that maps metabolic state of tissues on a cell-by-cell basis. The metabolic information obtained will be used to help physicians diagnose and stratify cancer in solid tumors such as prostate and breast cancer. The grant number is 1 R21 CA240214-01A1.

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