Eviction Tracker

This series of charts analyze evictions data in 6 counties in Atlanta, Savannah (Chatham County) and Macon (Bibb county). Eviction filings fell markedly in spring of 2020. While filings rose quickly in fall of 2020, they remained somewhat lower than historic rates – in part due to a nearly 10% reduction in serial filings. Despite a series of federal efforts to reduce displacement during the pandemic, eviction filing rates remained extremely high across the region. By fall of 2020, approximately 1.5% – 3% of households were receiving an eviction notice every month. Answer rates and dismissal rates remained relatively constant across the 2019-2020 study. An analysis of eviction judgments is forthcoming.

Datasource: This data tracker for 8 counties across Atlanta, Savannah, and Macon Georgia was produced in collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and the Atlanta Regional Commission. Case outcome analysis and data visualizations displayed on this site were produced by Elora Raymond; any errors are the authors’ own. Note that for several counties (Bibb, Clayton, Henry and DeKalb) we are not able to report a default judgment rates, and we cannot report serial filing rates or non-serial filings in Chatham or Fulton counties. Default judgments are a subset of case outcomes and do not reflect the total number of judgments against tenants, or writs of possession granted to landlords issued during the pandemic.

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