Recent Publications

Raymond, E.L., Zha, Y., Knight-Scott, E., & Cabrera, L. (2022). Large corporate buyers of residential rental housing during the COVID19 pandemic in three southeastern cities. Planning + Property Lab at GA Tech, Research Brief 2022-1. LINK

Raymond, E. L., Miller, B., McKinney, M., & Braun, J. (2021). Gentrifying Atlanta: Investor Purchases of Rental Housing, Evictions, and the Displacement of Black Residents. Housing Policy Debate, 1-17. LINK

Raymond, E. L., Green, T., & Kaminski, M. (2021). Preventing Evictions After Disasters: The Role of Landlord-Tenant Law. Housing Policy Debate, 1-17. LINK

Raymond, EL; Stein, S; Haley, V.; Woodworth, E; Zhang, G.; Sivakumar, R; Guhathakurta, S. Southeastern Evictions Data Collective Database: Version 1.0. School of City and Regional Planning: Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020,

Fields, D., & Raymond, E. L. (2021). Racialized geographies of housing financialization. Progress in Human Geography, 03091325211009299. LINK

Stein, S., Haley, V., Raymond, E. Woodworth, E., Dill, J. (2021). Special Briefing: Despite CDC Moratorium, Atlanta-Area Eviction Filings hit low income, minority neighborhoods. Policy Briefs Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Center for Housing and Policy and Community and Economic Development. LINK

Raymond, E., Immergluck, D., Sudeall, L., Alexander, F. S., Rich, M., Pasciuti, D. Dantzler, P., & Hyde, A. (2020). Towards an Emergency Housing Response to COVID-19 in Georgia. LINK

Fields, D., & Raymond, E. (2019). Housing Financialization and Racial Capitalism After the Global Financial Crisis. Housing Justice in Unequal Cities. Los Angeles: Institute on Inequality and Democracy. LINK

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