Scenario Two: Role 1. Director of the Admissions Office

The Director has the responsibility to oversee university admissions, including the process for collecting and screening applications from prospective students.  The Director is significantly involved in making determinations about which students to admit to the campus.  Yet the number of applications that the university receives continues to grow each year.  This not only increases the amount of time and resources needed to review applications, but it also means that it is more difficult to decide which students to admit and it is challenging to ensure consistency during the application review process.

As the Director of the Admissions Office, your main points of prioritization include:

  • Advocating for an efficient and cost-effective process for collecting and screening applications.
  • Ensuring that the application screening process is consistent and reliable.
  • Admitting students who are a good fit for campus and likely to be successful.
  • Having an admissions process that is difficult for students to manipulate or “game”.
  • Ensuring the application is consistent with and upholds the goals of the university.
  • Describing how interviews have been used in the admissions process.

Typically, the person in the Director role should serve as chair of the stakeholder committee and help to moderate its discussion.