Role 5. Computer Scientist who specializes in Computer Vision

You work for the self-driving bus company as an expert in the area of computer vision and machine learning. You have served as part of the technical team that designed and implemented the algorithms that detect objects in the environment, including other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and immovable items such as concrete barriers or curbs. The fleet has been designed in such a way that lane markings and traffic signal information necessary for the vehicle to “make decisions” does not require computer vision (sensors in the roads will communicate that information to the buses instead).

You have been asked by your company to join the stakeholder process, answer questions that arise about the technology, and “reassure people” (a phrase used in a note from your boss about the event) that the self-driving bus fleet is a safe and viable transportation option.

As the company’s computer vision specialist, your main points of prioritization include:

  • Describing the state of computer vision and its ability to detect other vehicles as well as pedestrians, bikers, and others not in vehicles
  • Explaining the effect that different weather conditions can have on the reliability of computer vision
  • Delineating other factors that can interfere with the reliability of computer vision (e.g., if people tamper with street signs)
  • Describing strategies that can increase the reliability of computer vision


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