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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Applied Disability Research and Development: ME 2698/2699 or ME 4698/4699

  • Variable credits or pay

Every semester we hire undergraduate students to participate in research in various areas related to clinical research and development. Areas of study include pressure ulcer prevention, the study soft tissue physiology and tissue response to loading, evaluation of clinical instrumentation, monitoring of wheelchair and wheelchair cushion use, and more. Activities may include data collection, data analysis, algorithm development, literature review, technology development or testing. Every semester is different! Typically, students must be willing to dedicate at least 9-10 hours per week on research during spring and fall semesters, and at least 12 hours per week during the summer semester.

To get involved, please send the following information to

  • Resume
  • The semester you are interested in working and how many credits you plan on taking besides research
  • What blocks of time you have available in your schedule (if you have that information available)
  • Whether you are interested in working for credit or pay