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The Sonenblum Clinical Research Group regularly conducts studies that require participants. If you are interested in contributing to one or more of the current studies, please consider contacting us at

Skilled nursing staff/caregivers needed for a research study 

Full-time wheelchair users needed for a study

Evaluating technologies for measuring erythema across skin tones

Current Studies

Skilled nursing staff/caregivers needed for a research study 

We would like to engage your staff to participate in a research study about personal-use technology that provides feedback for monitoring seating-related health and to increase movement to prevent pressure injuries in patients who have or at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)/Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD), and who use wheelchairs. You are being contacted because your facility works directly with patients who use wheelchairs and have AD/ADRD.

If your caregivers agree to participate they will be asked to do a phone interview and/or participate in focus groups where they will answer questions about their work environment, their involvement with patients who have AD/ADRD, and aspects of their job that involve skin health and pressure injury prevention. During these interviews and focus groups, only non-identifying information will be collected about them and the facility. Phone interviews will last no more than 45 minutes, and focus groups will last no more than 1.5 hours. They may be asked to participate in one or more of these activities, and you may be asked to participate more than once but you will not be required to do so.

There are no known risks to you from taking part in this research study. You may refuse to answer any question(s) that you do not wish to answer.

There are no direct benefits to participants from taking part in this study, but participation may benefit patients with AD/ADRD and their caregivers in the future. We will be offering a $250 gift card for the facility as a thank you for allowing caregivers to participate because we understand that their time is valuable.

Contact the Georgia Tech Institutional Review Board (IRB) to speak to someone independent of the research team at (404) 894-6942 if you have questions about:

  • Rights of a research participant
  • Use of your Protected Health Information
  • Stopping your authorization to use your Protected Health Information

Research-related questions not listed above, or any research-related complaints may also be addressed to me. If you prefer to speak with someone independent of the research team, you may contact the Georgia Tech Institutional Review Board (IRB).

If you decide you wish to connect us with your staff, please contact the study coordinator to proceed:

Katie Jordan

Development of Technologies to Increase In-Seat Movement to Prevent Sitting-Acquired Pressure Injuries in Wheelchair Users

Study Length
  • 13-weeks
  • 6 study visits total
  • Up to 3 visits may be in person
Study Location

REARLab at Georgia Tech

801 Atlantic Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30318



More Info

We are conducting a research study to test two pressure mapping systems that connect to a SmartPhone using Bluetooth technology, and that can measure the pressure between you and your wheelchair cushion.

Eligible participants must be
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Require full-time wheelchair use for mobility
  • Use a skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion
  • Able to perform weight shifts independently.

Study participation involves using two types of pressure mapping systems with your wheelchair cushion that are connected by Bluetooth to a mobile app on your smartphone. One of the apps will show areas of high pressure on your pressure mat or may tell you to perform movements to relieve pressure in those areas. The other app will provide you with knowledge about your preventative pressure relief behaviors. You will attend up to 3 in-person study visits at our lab on Georgia Tech’s campus during which you will receive education about pressure injury prevention, complete questionnaires, and receive training on the pressure mapping systems and mobile applications. Study participation will last for approximately 13 weeks.

You will be paid $200 for each 4-week intervention phase and post-intervention visit/call (there are 2 total) that you complete, totaling $400 in remuneration for the 13-week study. If you miss a study visit or intervention phase, your total payment will be prorated accordingly. You will also receive parking vouchers or a handicapped parking pass (one day) for each in-person study visit.


Katie Jordan

Evaluating technologies for measuring erythema across skin tones

The Sonenblum Clinical Research Group (SCRG) at Georgia Tech is looking for participants for a new research study. We are testing sensors that measure skin changes (like redness, or erythema) under pressure to see if the sensors are effective across different skin tones.


  • 1 in-person visit lasting 1 hour


  • Adults age 18 years or older
  • You cannot have a diagnosed skin communicable disease, a skin disease on your arm, or a bleeding disorder that makes you prone to bruising


$20 for a 1 hour study session as a thank you for your time


Barbara Bates-Jensen