Meet Our Executive Board

Subha Chopra


Has been shooting Olympic Recurve and occasional Barebow for 9 years

4th year Computer Science Major

I like collecting leather jackets and combat boots.

Won Hyuk Do

Vice President

Has been shooting Barebow for the past 2 year and is planning to try other bow types

1st year Aerospace Engineering Master’s

I once had a pet turtle that ran away.

Calvin Dong


Has been shooting barebow/recurve for 2 years.

5th year Industrial Engineering major

Calvin didn’t feel like writing this introduction so he got ChatGPT to do it! As Treasurer, his financial acumen ensures our club’s success. Join us for a thrilling season under Calvin’s precise guidance, both on the range and in the ledger. Let’s take aim for an unforgettable journey together! 🎯

Sriram Kalathoor

Practice Coordinator

Has been shooting Barebow for 4 years

6th year Aerospace Engineering (PhD), Mechanical Engineering (MS), Math (MS)

I’m in 3 graduate programs simultaneously.

Allison Loyd

Tournament Coordinator

Has been shooting for 10 years (Genisis for 5 years and Barebow for 5 years)

4th year Electrical Engineering Major

I am missing a bone in my foot.

Joyce Li

Membership Chair

Has been shooting barebow for 2 years

3rd year Computer Science Major

I messed up on the luddy in front of ludwig himself.

Andrew Schneider

Equipment Manager

Has been shooting Olympic Recurve for the past 2 years

4th year Mechanical Engineering Major

I read 60 books last year and am trying to beat that this year.

Athira Nair

Safety Officer

Has been shooting Open Compound for 8 years

2nd year Aerospace Engineering Major

Yes, I am really 4′ 11″. No, you cannot use me as an arm stand.