Do I need any prior experience to join?
None at all. Our nationally certified instructors and coaches will help you learn safely from the beginning.

I’ve already competed in archery before. Is this club a good fit for me?
Yes, it certainly is. If you want a coach or instructor to watch your form and help you improve, you only need to ask. We help archers of all experience levels meet their goals. Feel free to bring your own equipment as well.

Where are club communications?
You can contact us on our email, instagram, or facebook. Club announcements and important information for active members are found on our Slack (we send out the link after you attend orientation).

Where do you practice?
We practice outdoors at couch park and indoors in the CRC aux gym. In order to shoot indoors you must have at least 2 indoor pins or provide a score card (more information on this in the Slack).

Does the club compete?
Yes! We are both recreational and competitive. We go to tournaments including Indoor Nationals, the Lancaster Classic, and more. We encourage members of all experiences to join us at competitions.

Is there a minimum time commitment?
No, you can come as often as you want whether it’s every practice or just once a semester. Members get to choose how much time they put into the club.