Jay Bolter

Jay David Bolter is the Wesley Chair of New Media and co-Director of the Augmented Environments Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is the author of Remediation(1999), with Richard Grusin; Windows and Mirrors (2003), with Diane Gromala; and The Digital Plenitude (2019).

Blair MacIntyre

Blair MacIntyre is the founding director of the Augmented Environments Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been an active researcher in the field of augmented reality since its inception in the 1990s.

Maria Engberg

Maria Engberg is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Malmö University and Affiliate Researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Engberg is the author of The Digital Reading Condition (Routledge 2023) with Iben Have and Birgitte Stougaard Pedersen; and Reality Media (2021) with Jay Bolter and Blair MacIntyre.


Jisu Park

PhD Student, Digital Media

AR/VR, HCI, Environmental Education

So-youn (Soy) Jang

PhD Student, Digital Media

VR, HCI, Digital Nature, Inclusive Design

Daniel F. Phelps 

PhD Student, Digital Media

Novel immersive display technologies, non-traditional augmented reality experiences, Extended Reality’s relationship with illusionism, and Media Architecture

Yuchen Zhao

PhD Student, Digital Media

XR, Biodata Design, experience design, persuasive technology

Cecile Zhang 

PhD Student, Digital Media

Speculation on future cinema, 360-cinema, VR, and cinematography

Hector Fan

MS Student, Digital Media

VR, Interactive Narrative, HCI, Game Design

Past Students

Gheric Speiginer

Ph.D. Student

Colin Freeman

Ph.D. Student

Matt Rossman

Alumni (M.S.)