Current Projects

WebXR, Storytelling in VR


Reality Media encompasses three related writing spaces and three technologies for representing ideas: print, 2D web, and 3D immersive VR and AR. 

VR, Interactive Narrative

The Prison of Memory

The master project by Hector Fan explores new narrative possibilities and the potential for an interactive prop to enhance user engagement and understanding of complex narratives.

VR, Privacy, Mixed Methods, Participatory Design

Metaverse Park Service

The master project by Mudra Nagda and Watson Hartsoe supports a design agenda rooted in environmental protection imagining new paradigms of privacy and sustainable data ecologies with XR technology.




Standards-based Augmented Reality (AR) web browser


Sweet Auburn

This project looks at how to use augmented reality to explore the history of the African American community and the Civil Rights movement in the content of Historic Auburn Avenue (or “Sweet Auburn”) in Atlanta