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Congrats to Cheick for winning an undergraduate research PURA fellowship!

Congratulations to Cheick Dosso, an undergraduate in ChBE who won a PURA fellowship to conduct undergraduate research in spring 2021. He will be working with PhD student, Sam Pustulka.

Wei published his paper on intracellular trafficking and targeting of the Hex-antibody drug delivery carriers!

Congrats to Wei on publishing his paper on intracellular trafficking of the Hex – antibody drug delivery vehicle. It was published in the journal Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine.

Jaeyoung won a Fellowship from the MOGAM Science Scholarship Foundation!

Congratulations to Jaeyoung for winning the MOGAM Science Scholarship Foundation! The goal of the foundation is to support Korean students who will lead the future of science in South Korea and especially to encourage talented global students to continue their research and pursue their careers in science.

Sam’s paper about protein corona characterization on protein-based nanoparticles is out now!

Alongside Kevin (former PhD Grad) and Stephanie Pish (undergraduate), Sam published an article in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces titled “Protein Nanoparticle Charge and Hydrophobicity Govern Protein Corona and Macrophage Uptake.”

Though the proteins that adsorb on nanoparticles upon exposure to serum hav been widely studied, this is not true for nanoparticles actually made from proteins. This work fills that gap, which is important in translating protein nanoparticles into clinically useful delivery carriers.

Congrats Sam, Stephanie, and Kevin!

Dr. Champion was featured in a special issue, “Female Role Models in Analytical Chemistry”

The special issue of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry was devoted to presenting research performed by early and advanced career female scientists. Dr. Champion’s featured paper was “Automation and low-cost proteomics for characterization of the protein corona: experimental methods for big data.

You can read introductions to all the contributors, including Dr. Champion, here, and also some commentary about the issue and importance of highlighting achievements of women scientists in chemistry!

We recently celebrated Dr. Champion’s birthday with a surprise car parade!

For the first joint lab activity in months, Champion lab members decorated their cars with balloons, homemade birthday posters, and Happy Birthday banners to surprise Dr. Champion with a car parade for her birthday. In our excitement for the parade, we forgot to take pictures of our cars… but we did get one of everyone masked and socially distant afterwards. Happy Birthday Dr. Champion!

Thomas was featured in the ACS student magazine, inChemistry!

inChemistry, an ACS student member magazine, recently ran a feature on Thomas and his experience as a Vietnamese American graduate student and as a member of the ACS Bridge Program. Thomas discussed issues of diversity in STEM, his motivation for pursuing graduate school, and his experiences thus far. We’re thrilled to have such an insightful and famous personality with us!


Thomas’ undergraduate research work was published in Chemical Science

The paper, entitled “Nanoscale battery cathode materials induce DNA damage in bacteria,” was published in Chemical Science. Before coming to Georgia Tech, Thomas worked on this research as an undergraduate at Augsburg University in collaboration with groups at the University of Minnesota. Congrats Thomas!

Adam got a Postdoc position at the department of Nanoengineering at UCSD!

Adam, who defended in May, will officially be starting a postdoc position at UCSD in January of 2021. He is joining Dr. Nicole Steinmetz‘s lab and will be working on gene delivery to plant cells for improving nitrogen fixation. Until January, Adam is staying at GT as a research scientist in both the Champion and Bommarius groups.

Congratulations Adam!

Dylan’s paper on vesicle self-assembly and enzyme incorporation into vesicles was published in Biomacromolecules

Dylan published a paper in Biomacromolecules titled “Protein Vesicles Self-Assembled from Functional Globular Proteins with Different Charge and Size“. This paper advances the understanding of vesicle self-assembly and demonstrates incorporation of active enzymes into fusion proteins vesicles. Congratulations Dylan!

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