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Who can create a new site with Sites@GeorgiaTech?

New site creation with Sites@GeorgiaTech is available to current Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and students.

The account used to create a new site must be:

Acceptable Usage Policy

Before creating a new site, please read the Sites@GeorgiaTech Frequently Asked Questions page to familiarize yourself with what you can and cannot do with Sites@Georgia Tech.

Privacy Notice

Please note that Sites@GeorgiaTech are not intended for storage, sharing, or dissemination of private or non-public media uploads. For internal document sharing, we strongly encourage Office 365’s SharePoint or Georgia Tech Dropbox.

Ready to Begin?

Click the button below to submit a short request form. After submitting the form, your new site will be created automatically and available within 1-2 minutes.

Create a New Website

Having trouble creating a new site?

If you don’t see the request form after clicking the button, make sure that you are logged in as your primary account and that the account is 2FA-protected. Reach out to us if you continue to experience issues.