With the built-in support tool, you can find the answer you are looking for without ever leaving your site’s control panel.

  1. Login to your dashboard with your GT account
  2. Click on the “Need help?” button at the bottom-right of the window to bring up the support tool
    A screenshot of the "Need help?" dashboard button

The built-in support tool provides a searchable index of helpful documentation and resources, and will even suggest articles related to where you currently are in the dashboard.

You can also email end-user support directly about any issues or questions the docs don’t answer.

A screenshot of the built-in support tool's options, with "Email Support" and "Docs" highlighted as most relevant.

Have feedback about Sites@GeorgiaTech, or need to get in contact with the OIT Web Hosting team?

Submit a help request to our team, ATTN: OIT Web Hosting.