Custom Domain Names

What is a custom domain name?

A custom domain name is a domain name that has different URL format than the Sites@GeorgiaTech default URL format (<site name>/)

What kinds of sites are allowed a custom domain name?

The website that uses a custom domain name must represent a Georgia Tech unit such as department, school, college, research, lab, and organization.

Any campus unit can request a custom gatech domain name at no charge. However, there are differences in domain name formats and brand standards that you need to consider.

Who can request a custom domain name for their Sites@GeorgiaTech site?

The custom domain name requester must be an active Georgia Tech full time employee (Staff and Faculty members). For Student Organization website, faculty/advisor/full time staff needs to submit a request for students.

What custom domain names are supported?

All custom domains must be sub-domains or nested sub-domains of

  • If the website belongs to a specific school, it should use a school sub-domain such as <site name>
  • Student Organization website should use a subdomain such as <site name>

What if I want a * domain name (considered a vanity alias)?

If you would like to request a vanity alias (1st level subdomain name of such as, you will need to get an approval from Georgia Tech Institute Communications.

If the requested domain name is a vanity alias, the submission of the Custom Domain Name Request (the form below) will be routed to the Institute Communication for their approval before the ticket can be proceeded. Please make sure to review all of the requirements to request a vanity domain alias before submitting the request.

Can I have multiple custom domain names for a site?

No. Only one custom domain name is supported for each site.

Can I have a non-public site with a custom domain name?

Yes. But the URL will change to the URL format after logging in due to how the non-public settings are configured.

Why can’t I see my custom domain as a link when editing my site?

If you are editing some pages on your site , and see that the links are defaulting to the<site name> path instead of your custom domain, this is an expected behavior for a site with a custom domain name.

When a user is logged in they will always see the original domain. When they are logged out they will always see the mapped domain.

Requesting a custom domain name

  1. Create a site on Sites@GeorgiaTech
  3. Fill out all fields of the form.
  4. Click “Submit Request”
  5. The support team will review and work on your request. The process can take up to 1 – 2 weeks.