Custom Domain Names

What is a custom domain name?

A custom domain name is a domain name that has different URL format than the Sites@GeorgiaTech default URL format (<site name>/)

What kinds of sites are allowed a custom domain name?

The website that uses a custom domain name must represent a Georgia Tech unit such as department, school, college, research, lab, and organization.

Who can request a custom domain name for their Sites@GeorgiaTech site?

The custom domain name requester must be an active Georgia Tech employee (Staff and Faculty members). For Student Organization website, faculty/advisor/full time staff needs to submit a request for students.

What custom domain names are supported?

All custom domains must be sub-domains or nested sub-domains of

  • If the website belongs to a specific school, it should use a school sub-domain such as <site name>
  • Student Organization website should use a subdomain such as <site name>

What if I want a * domain name (considered a vanity URL)?

If you would like to request for a vanity URL (1st level subdomain name of such as, you will need to get an approval from Georgia Tech Institute Communications before submitting a custom domain name request to us.

However, if you have not received the approval before submitting a request to us, the process can take up to 1 month or more. We strongly suggest you to get approval before, or go with the 2nd level subdomain name based on your department domain instead.

Can I have multiple custom domain names for a site?

No. Only one custom domain name is supported for each site.

Can I have a non-public site with a custom domain name?

Yes. But the URL will change to the URL format after logging in due to how the non-public settings are configured.

Why can’t I see my custom domain as a link when editing my site?

If you are editing some pages on your site , and see that the links are defaulting to the<site name> path instead of your custom domain, this is an expected behavior for a site with a custom domain name.

When a user is logged in they will always see the original domain. When they are logged out they will always see the mapped domain.

Requesting a custom domain name

  1. Create a site on Sites@GeorgiaTech
  3. Fill out all fields of the form.
  4. Click “Submit Request”
  5. The support team will review and work on your request. The process can take up to 1 – 2 weeks.