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Consulting / Expert Witnessing

We won the motion [international company] filed trying to get out of the case. Your report and declaration went a long way in making that possible so I want to thank you for your work…It made a difference not just in this case but in all cases in [state] going forward because this decision is either the only one of its kind in [state] or one of very few that exists and it paves the way for other lawyers to be able to hold [international company] accountable…Don’t be surprised if you are contacted by other…lawyers wanting some of your expertise!

Client Law Firm

I am an expert witness and consultant and have a passion for helping to provide the answers to some of the most challenging and controversial questions facing society and the intersection of humans and technology. My previous efforts have included consulting for academia as an expert in Machine Learning (ML), consulting for national security organizations to guide the application of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for human-robot interaction (HRI) in national defense, and serving as an expert witness in human factors engineering (HFE).

If you have questions about how I could help you or your organization navigate the “technology invasion” that academia and industry are unleashing — from ChatGPT and bias to Deepfakes to Drone Swarms — please contact me!

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