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Clear dedication to fairness and ethical integrity makes him easy to trust. Gives clear and deep explanations, made all the more effective through metaphors and apt examples. Relates concepts to the real world through personal anecdotes and stories, simultaneously adding interest and making ideas easier to remember. Very clearly passionate about the field, engaging, and personally relatable.

-Anonymous Student

Prof. Gombolay is one of the best lecturers I’ve ever had and was extremely fair towards us. The material was hard but Prof. Gombolay presented it in an accessible way and made me eager to learn. I looked forward to coming to class because I knew that it would blow my mind.

-Anonymous Student

I am the chair for Robotics in the School of Interactive Computing. In my role, I seek to cultivate the best curriculum for GaTech students at the BS, MS, and PhD levels to help our students become leaders in industry and academia. I was elected to serve on the Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to have a positive, broader impact on the undergraduate curriculum at GaTech.

As a classroom instructor, I have received the Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching four times for courses that I revitalized at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Further, I have received multiple Thank a Teacher Awards for my regard for students. I cherish this feedback from my student and seek to deliver the best learning experience for all those in my classroom.

Currently, I instruct students in the following courses at GaTech:

  • CS 3630 Introduction to Perception and Robotics
  • CS 4649/7649 Robot Intelligence: Planning
  • CS 7648 Interactive Robot Learning