Current Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Kong Wong

B.S., 2012, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D., 2020, Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Kong studies the design of coassembling β-sheet peptide nanofibers for next-generation functional biomaterials.

Graduate Students

Yuan Gao

B.S., 2013, Biological Chemistry, Peking University

Yuan’s research is about understanding peptide structures in amyloid or aggregates using solid-state NMR. He hopes to characterize more disease-related peptide structures on the way to pursuing his Ph.D. degree. Thanks to some inspiration from Fitz, the structures proposed by Yuan sometimes look nice.

Alicia Robang

B.S., 2019, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Alicia is currently investigating ways to incorporate NMR experimental knowledge into the computational design of novel peptide assemblies.

Emily Saccuzzo

B.S., 2018, Chemistry, University of Connecticut

Emily spends her time in both the Lieberman lab and Paravastu lab working on characterizing the nanofibers formed from the C-terminus olfactomedin (OLF) domain of myocilin implicated in glaucoma.

Undergraduate Students

Annabelle Lint

Annabelle is a rising fourth year Chemical and Biomolecular engineering major on the Biotech track. She has been working in the Paravastu Lab for two and a half years, focusing on molecular modeling.

Calib Lanier

Caroline O’Brien

Kevin Yao

Nila Murali

Ricky Espina

Spencer Thomas