Large Corporate Landlords

Private Equity, Institutional Investors and Large Corporate Landlords

We investigate the ongoing consolidation of single family rental sector by large corporate landlords, and the consequences for renters and neighborhoods. Early research uncovered the high eviction rate of large corporate landlords, and the way in which policymakers supported the creation of single family rental securitization, encouraging the rise of private equity and institutional investor presence in this sector. More recent research links private equity and institutional investor purchases of multifamily housing to racialized gentrification and evictions.

In ongoing research funded by the Housing Crisis Research Collaborative at the Urban Institute, we describe how large corporate landlords and private equity firms invested in Tampa, Miami and Atlanta during the pandemic. We find that rent-to-own investors, and large corporate single family rental firms increased purchases in these three southeastern cities during the pandemic, and increasingly focused in areas that were hardest hit by COVID19 and had the greatest housing instability risk. These firms purchases were concentrated in low-poverty Black and non-white Hispanic neighborhoods. You can read the report here.


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