Robotic Caregivers – Fall 2021

BMED 4833 ROB & BMED 8813 ROB at Georgia Tech

Lectures: Monday & Wednesday, 11 am- 12:15 pm, Whitaker Room 260


Robotics researchers and futurists have long dreamed of robots that can serve as caregivers. In this project-based course, you’ll learn about future opportunities and present realities for robots that contribute to caregiving. You’ll gain hands-on experience with teleoperation, autonomy, perception, navigation, manipulation, human-robot interaction, and machine learning. You’ll also learn about robot design, healthcare robotics, and entrepreneurship.


Prof. Charlie Kemp

Conflict of Interest Statement: This class uses the Stretch RE1 robot from Hello Robot Inc. In addition to being an associate professor at Georgia Tech, Dr. Kemp is a co-founder and the chief technology officer (CTO) of Hello Robot Inc. where he works part time. He owns equity in Hello Robot and is an inventor of Georgia Tech intellectual property (IP) licensed by Hello Robot. Consequently, he receives royalties through Georgia Tech for sales made by Hello Robot. He also benefits from increases in the value of Hello Robot.

Course Materials

Midterm Projects

Final Projects


  • Class 1
  • Class 2
    • “From One to Many: My Personal Quest for Meaningful Mobile Manipulation”
      by Prof. Kemp [Video] [Google Slides] [PDF]
    • Activities
      • Broke up into teams to achieve comparable mixes of skills and degree levels
      • Team members got to know each other with icebreaker questions
      • Each 5-person team spent 10 minutes teleoperating the Stretch RE1 using the game controller with each team member getting a turn
    • Assignments
      • Carefully read the Midterm Problem Statement
      • Propose 3 to 5 tasks for your team’s midterm project and provide evidence for their merit
  • Class 3
  • Class 4
    • “Tasks & Teleop Exercise” by Prof. Kemp [Google Slides] [PDF]
    • Activities
      • Each team
        • 30 minutes
          • Discussed tasks proposed by the team members
          • Selected top three proposed tasks
        • 15 minutes
          • Implemented and tested their teleop code on the robot
          • All of the teams succeeded!
        • 5 minutes
          • Presented top three tasks to the entire class
          • Received feedback on their tasks from Prof. Kemp
      • While two teams discussed tasks, the third team worked with the robot
    • Assignments
      • Get started on midterm proposal slides
      • Prepare project related questions for the expert guest lecturers
  • Class 5


Zackory Erickson

As a graduate student, Prof. Zackory Erickson co-developed and co-taught the original version of this course with Prof. Kemp  in spring 2020 and spring 2021. The original version of this course focused on projects using Assistive Gym, a physics simulation environment for assistive robotics. Prof. Zackory Erickson is now a tenure-track faculty member in the Robotics Institute at CMU.


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