Robotic Caregivers – Spring 2020

BMED 4803/8813 at Georgia Tech

Lectures: Mon/Wed 3:00-4:15 p.m., Whitaker 1239


Robotics researchers and futurists have long dreamed of robots that can serve as caregivers. In this hands-on project-based course, you will learn about future opportunities and present realities for autonomous robots that serve as caregivers. You will also gain experience with key technologies for the creation of autonomous robots, including perception, action, human-robot interaction, and learning.



Prof. Charlie Kemp

Zackory Erickson

Midterm Projects

Note: Only teams that have given permission to open-source their projects are listed below.

Comfort and Posture for Bed Bathing Assistance [Presentation] [GitHub]
Yijun Gu and Kyle Jiang
Learning Pain [Presentation] [GitHub]
Shipra Khatri and Binit Shah
Benchmarking Traditional Control for Robotic Drinking Assistance [Presentation] [GitHub]
Patrick Grady and Neal Gandhi


Lecture 1: Introduction and Course Overview [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF] [Supplementary PDF]

Lecture 2: Healthcare Robotics Lab Research [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF] [Supplementary PDF]

Lecture 3: Guest Lecture by Henry and Jane Evans

Lecture 4: Assistive Gym Introduction [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 5: Assistive Gym [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 6: Reinforcement Learning – Baseline Controllers [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 7: Improvisational – Practical Robotics and Architectures [Supplementary PDF]

Lecture 8: Guest Lecture by Henry Clever

Lecture 9: Improvisational – Assistive Gym [Supplementary PDF]

Lecture 10: Midterm Presentations [Supplementary PDF]

Lecture 11: Getting to Know a Real Robot [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 12: Guest Lecture by Prof. Wendy Rogers and Dr. Travis Kadylak (Robots to Support Successful Aging) [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 13: Capacitive Sensing [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 14: Working with a Real Robot (Lecture 2) [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 15: Entrepreneurship [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 16: Guest Lecture by Samarth Brahmbhatt (Contact-Centric Grasping Behavior) [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 17: Working with a Real Robot (Lecture 3) [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF]

Lecture 18: ROS and Real-Robot Demo [Supplementary PDF]

Lecture 19: Conclusions and Real-Robot Demos [Lecture Slides] [Lecture PDF] [Supplementary PDF]


Assistive Gym

Real robot code for the last lectures