Robotic Caregivers – Spring 2021

BMED 4833/8813 at Georgia Tech

Lectures: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:45 p.m., Whitaker 1214


Robotics researchers and futurists have long dreamed of robots that can serve as caregivers. In this hands-on project-based course, you will learn about future opportunities and present realities for autonomous robots that serve as caregivers. You will also gain experience with key technologies for the creation of autonomous robots, including physics simulation, perception, action, human-robot interaction, and learning.


Prof. Charlie Kemp

Zackory Erickson

Course Materials

Midterm Projects

Team 1 – RIDDbot: Robotic Intervention for Dirty Disposal [Slides PDF] [GitHub]

Final Projects

Team 1 – R2Drink2: A Shared Autonomy Framework for Hydration Management of Older Adults [Slides PDF] [GitHub]



Lecture 1: Introduction and Course Overview [Google Slides] [Slides PDF] [Video]

Lecture 2: Assistive Gym [Google Slides] [Slides PDF] [Video]

Lecture 3: Evaluating Assistive Devices by Henry and Jane Evans [Video]

Lecture 4: Baseline Controllers in Assistive Gym

Lecture 5: Robots to Support Successful Aging: Potential and Challenges by Prof. Wendy A. Rogers [Slides PDF]

Lecture 6: Engaging Older Adults in Design of Robots: A Developing Human-Robot Interaction Research Program by Dr. Travis Kadylak [Slides PDF]

Lecture 7: Mobile Cobots as Assistive Technology by Prof. Charlie Kemp [Google Slides] [Slides PDF] [Video]

Lecture 8: Catalia Health – Developing & Deploying Mabu: An AI-Powered, Cloud-Based, Robotic Wellness Coach by Dr. Cory Kidd [Slides PDF]

Lecture 9: My Entrepreneurial Adventure by Prof. Charlie Kemp [Google Slides] [Slides PDF]


Assistive Gym

Robotic Caregivers Spring 2020 webpage