Kickoff Meeting Checklist

Welcome & Introductions

Project/Team Overview

  • New Teams: Presented by you and/or your graduate student(s)
  • Returning Teams: Presented at least in part by returning students

Methods & Logistics

  • VIP notebooks and/or Lab Archives (what are they for, etc.)
  • Wiki (or equivalent)
  • Shared calendar or wiki meeting list
  • Create a contact sheet for the team (name, phone, e-mail) & clarify your method
    of communication
  • Additional items (e.g. GitHub)


  • Bring your notebook with you for (and/or log into Lab Archives at) the next
    meeting (and every team & sub-team meeting from now on).
  • Sign in to our wiki, create a page, and update a page.
  • If using GitHub: Sign in to GitHub, download something, and upload something.
  • Other activity that they can report-back on next week (read an article and present a short summary, etc.)

Overview of Grading Methods & Timeline for the Semester

Ongoing Midterm End of term
  • Weekly check-ins/sub-team presentations;
  • In-depth presentations;
  • Maintaining VIP notebook;
  • Logging work in wiki;
  • Documentation.
  • Turn in VIP notebooks;
  • Complete peer evaluations;
  • Receive feedback from instructor.
  • Final presentations;
  • Turn in VIP notebooks;
  • Complete peer evaluations;
  • Receive feedback from the instructor.

Team Expectations

  • Basic expectations
  • What should a team member do if they get stuck on a problem between meetings?
  • What should a student do if they can’t make a meeting?
  • What should a team do if a team member isn’t doing their fair share?

Next Steps

  • Organizing sub-teams, assigning homework/tasks for whole team, etc.