I decided to analyze the second episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to study the show’s cinematography and direction. The show utilizes a diverse array of takes to enhance the scenes’ ability to convey different moods to the audience. For example, if the scene depicts a bonding moment between Kimmy and Titus or a motivational talk given by Kimmy to Titus, there tend to be fewer cuts and smoother transitions between takes. However, when conflict arises in the scene, the transitions are jarring and the takes are much shorter. This can be noticed in the scene where Kimmy reattempts grounding Xanthippe. The camera quickly cuts back and forth between Xan and Kimmy as Xan tries to verbally attack Kimmy and Kimmy fights back by threatening to expose Xan as a fraud to her friends. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt uses the combination of long takes and short cuts to sharpen the contrast between different moods.

Another interesting aspect of the show’s visuals is the lighting  The lighting is always bright in the show, regardless of the setting. Even in Kimmy’s underground loft which she shares with Titus, it is always well lit. I feel that this is in large part to convey Kimmy’s positivity towards any situation. Her personality is always cheerful even when her situation does not reflect this. This can also be noticed in the brightness of her clothes and lipstick. In Kimmy’s confrontation with Xan, Xan tears Kimmay apart for her light up Skechers. This colorful color scheme is also seen when Kimmy throws the birthday party Mrs. Voorhees calls for. Mrs. Voorhees complains that the party color scheme will not match her dress, but the color scheme is predictable as the entire show follows this color scheme. Lighting and color scheme play a major role in the show’s portrayal of Kimmy’s character and that is especially evident in this episode. The party Mrs. Voorhees requested was Kimmy’s outlet to express her personality to the family. It is no secret that Kimmy is not self-conscious, rather she embraces her vibrancy.

Kimmy Schmidt’s colorful clothing choice, a common outfit of hers