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Cinematic Crash


Image of the plane crash from Scandal S1E

Good evening, people. I am signing on just one more time. In my last blog post, I plan to revisit cinematic elements in the Scandal show, but in episode 5, “Crash and Burn”. The cinematographers capitalize on portions of the show where characters face tragedy and crises. Specifically, the cinematographic tactics used when Olivia and her team see the plane crash site and when they listen to the black box recording of the crash.

This episode begins with the disappearance of Pope and Associates’ client, Amanda Tanner. The team goes into a frenzy and cameras switch quickly between their faces as they scramble around. The show then suddenly cuts to Quinn and Harrison stumbling down a hillside to discover the horror of a deadly plane crash. The cameras flash horrific images of burned plane pieces, smoking fabrics, scattered clothes, and even dismembered body parts. Then, it pans back to the shocked faces of Quinn and Harrison. Dramatic music plays in the background and there is a grim filter on the lens as it blinks between these somber pictures. I believe Rhimes and her directors wanted Scandal viewers to feel the gravity of the situation just as Quinn and Harrison were experiencing. Olivia and her client, the husband of the plane’s pilot, visit the site later, and the somber mood is amplified by the client’s explanation that the red flags symbolized parts of passengers bodies. The cameras then proceed to pan around the crash site to demonstrate the hundreds of red flags scattered throughout the smothering plane pieces and all along the ground.

However, I think the most cinematographically intense scene occurs when Olivia and her team must listen to the black box recording of the crash. The pilots start out just conversing between each other in a friendly manner and the camera remains zoomed out at a long distance from the team while they listen. But, as the action picks up and the crewmembers become increasingly stressed, the camera starts focusing in closely on the facial expressions of Olivia’s team. Eventually, the camera starts cutting faster and faster between their horrified faces as the recording on the box intensifies. Finally, after all this action has built up, the camera stops on Olivia’s face, which fills the entire frame, at the exact moment that the plane crashes and the audio cuts out. Thus, viewers are left with her intense look filling the screen and it is completely silent. This very dramatic sequence of cinematographic elements increases the heart rate and suspense of viewers as they watch and listen carefully to this scene, just as the team’s heart rate and suspense rose when they listened to the black box recording.

Therefore, I believe in this episode of Scandal,  the cinematographers desire to use their filmographic art to connect the viewers to the emotions and experiences of Olivia and her team.

Grace and Frankie’s Portrayal of Genders

The gender spread of the show is pretty evenly sampled. We can see that Grace and Frankie, two of the main characters are females, as Robert and Sol, the other two main characters, are male. Furthermore, we can see that the secondary characters are also evenly spread out. For example, Robert and Grace have two daughters, while Frankie and Sol have two sons. However, Grace and Frankie tend to get more representation and air time than other characters, given that the show revolves around them and their struggles.

These are the four main characters of the show.

The show does revolve about the main decision of Sol and Robert to come out and proclaim their love towards each other. Grace and Frankie do have to react to this decision at first. However, after this main decision, the show turns its attention to decisions that Grace and Frankie make. The show still puts some attention on the decisions made by Sol and Robert, but the main scope is now with Grace and Frankie.

Furthermore, the show connects the genders it represents to many other axes. We see how the two male lead characters are homosexuals, and the two female lead characters are heterosexuals. This allows for representation of multiple sexual orientations. Furthermore we see some representation of mental illness. This is because one of Sol’s and Frankie’s son is a alcoholic and drug addict.

The show however fails to represent some axes. The show does include one African American character, but beyond that, the show lacks proper racial representation. Furthermore, the show focuses on highly upper class characters. So far all of the characters that have appeared on the show belong to very high socio-economic status. Additionally, the show has yet to show any major character with any disability.

Here we see how the cast of the first season is mostly Caucasian.

Although the show has some shortcomings in representations, I think this show represents pretty well the genders it shows.


Does hip hop make him supreme – or is it all a scheme?

One of my favorite parts about Fresh off the Boat are the voice overs. Eddie Huang, a middle schooler, narrates the first and final scene of every episode, but as an older post-pubescent man. As the main character, he is telling the story from his perspective and how he views the plot. Therefore, this implies that this is how Eddie sees himself. This is just a hilarious ploy by the writers to me.

The voice of this character is unique to say the least. He reflects Eddie’s love of hip hop by using popular slang terms, because those terms are ~cool~. The speech used by this narrator is based off the speech of the popular hip hop artists who act as Eddie’s role models. The voice drastically contrasts with the voice of the real Eddie Huang which is high pitched, and the slang terms don’t sound quite as natural, because he’s a little kid. When Eddie uses the same slang it looks like a kid who is pretending to be cool when in reality he’s not, but the narration voice really is. Again, what this says about Eddie is that he genuinely believes he’s really cool.

This says a lot about Eddie’s character. Eddie’s character struggles to make friends. He is often rejected by the kids at school. In season 1 episode 5, the episode starts out by Eddie narrating how he doesn’t get invited to any sleepovers. This statement alone is a bit odd, considering the narrator is an adult and adults don’t exactly have sleepovers (in the traditional sense of the term…).  The narrator continues by saying he was “mad siked” about getting invited to the sleepover which is something a ~cool~ person would say. And then the shot pans to Eddie, a small pudgy middle schooler who lacks in eyebrows (no offense Eddy, still love you). Despite this you might start thinking Eddie was actually a cool kid, because he finally got invited to a sleepover and was making friends. But again, the show reminds us that he is not. The next shot is of Eddie’s mom telling Eddie that there is “no way” he’s going to that sleepover. Again we’re reminded that he’s just a little awkward kid (again no offense).

I mean look at him… his cheeks are so chubby.. he has baby fat!

This really just serves as a constant reminder that people view themselves as a little bit cooler than we actually are. Not just kids, adults too. If the joke didn’t apply to adults, it wouldn’t be funny. Obviously low self esteem is a real thing, but the way we view ourselves is never exactly how the outside world views us.

Are Women Not Funny, Or Are They Just Lacking a Platform?

How has the viewership and accessibility of female comedians changed from 2008 to 2018, as measured by the number of shows available on online streaming services (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video) and viewership of top-10 female-headed talk shows on their respective YouTube channels of videos on their top 5 most-viewed videos?

We chose to look at the idea of female comedians given that this is a very historically male-dominated field, and a recurring theme in many articles that were read in research cited a lack of platforms and accessibility for women to break out in this industry. Especially given the rise in popularity and use of online streaming sites, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video, as well as the prevalent cultural influence of YouTube, it would be interesting to pursue research in seeing how well this new industry has helped or hurt women in trying to get their careers in comedy off the ground.

There seems to be a misconception in society that women are not funny. Female comedians are looking to change this misconception, but struggle to find an audience to listen to them. The industry is largely male-dominated, and those men often abuse their position of power to take advantage of others. Recently, many women are coming forward to report these sexual misconducts, as in the case of male comedian Louis C.K. (Ryzik). A change in the power dynamics within comedy needs to happen and only will happen if women receive access to platforms in order to gain support, a following, and an independent career.        

Our research question aims to find whether such progress in female comedy has been occurring and, if it has, to what extent it has been growing. Recently, there has been a push by feminists to add more women in traditionally male-dominated careers and job environments. Comedy has not given women an adequate platform in the past. Our research aims to see if progress towards a more equal representation in this field is being made.


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Willful Writing


Related image

When words fail, fries and wine will do the trick! A few fries might have aided me in the writing of this very blog post…

In today’s blog post, I will be discussing the willful writing of Shonda Rhimes, in Season 1, Episode 3 of Scandal, “Hell Hath No Fury.” First, I will define “willful” so that the word has appropriate meaning within the context of this blog post. The definition of willful I will be using is, “deliberate, intentional, or done on purpose,” rather than, “a strong sense of will or stubbornness.” Throughout this post, I hope to show you that Rhimes’ writing obtains a very deliberate and intentional purpose.

For this specific episode and the entire series, Shonda Rhimes is credited with the writing. In addition to writing  Scandal,  Rhimes has also written other TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Rhimes is credited with the production of other widely popular shows like How to Get Away with Murder and Station 19. She also wrote Crossroads, a film about singer, Brittney Spears. Finally, last but certainly not least, she wrote my absolute favorite movie of all time,  Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement!!! Needless to say, Shonda Rhimes has a very successful, and almost unrivaled, writing career, especially in the female television writer and producer arena.

Now, back to the third episode of Scandal.  The dialog in the show is very cold and straight-forward. The characters speak without warm and convey no emotion. I believe Rhimes does this to authenticate Olivia Pope within the harsh, cut-throat environment of Washington and the White House. In this particular episode, Olivia deals with a horrific rape case and yet she shows almost no emotion, and she definitely does not sympathize with the victim. Thus, Rhimes keeps Olivia’s female character from showing “traditional” feminine characteristics to show Olivia can handle the good, bad, and ugly, just like her male peer professionals. Therefore, the harsh dialogue discourages personal affections and reinforces work prioity.

There is no voice-over in Scandal, and I believe that again authenticates the show and its characters. Rhimes would rather have events play out and film the reactions or have the characters voice the plot themselves than have an unknown narrator provide information. The Scandal world is full of strong lawyers and highly successful businessmen, so providing information from a separate, unlinked source would not fit into the rest of the writing in this show.

Rhimes uses silence amongst her characters as a placeholder for emotion. Many times throughout the show, and especially in this episode, Olivia remains quiet instead of demonstrating her own feelings about a situation or scenario. For example, as the rape victim gives her testimony and continuously asks Olivia rhetorical questions, Olivia remains motionless and completely silent.

For this particular episode, I did not notice any literary allusions or callbacks. However, I did notice that Rhimes’ writing aims to put each character in a light of reality and truth. She does not hide Olivia’s cold heart, Quinn’s stupidity, Huck’s anxiety, or Steven’s doubt. Instead, Rhimes almost makes the faults of her characters blatantly obvious, as to appeal to viewers’ sense of reality and relatability.


The Perspective of Grace and (of) Frankie

Something very important to notice in the Netflix show “Grace and Frankie” is the way it is filmed. This Netflix show focuses on two main characters, and the cinematography is designed to give enough focus and camera time to the two main characters.

Normally, the show focuses on the struggles that Grace and Frankie face. Most of the time they face the same issue simultaneously. The filmmakers use this to their advantage. The newly divorcees tend to confront their husbands (more like ex-husbands) at the same time about the same thing, but in very different manners. The cinematography tends to shift rapidly between Grace and Frankie to parallel and juxtapose the confrontations their going through. This strategy further separates the personalities of the two protagonists, and further highlights the way they serve as foils to each other.

Even in the way they dress, Grace and Frankie are foils.

The show is typically filmed with very bright colors. This probably occurs because although the show deals with very controversial en complex issues, it never stops being a sitcoms. If the show would be filmed in darker colors, it could be seen as a drama or more serious series. However, the show often shifts to darker colors in some scenes to add more value and contrast the tone of these scenes with the overall tone of the sitcom.

One example is when in the end of the second episode, Grace is about to leave Frankie alone in her house. However, she realizes Frankie is not emotionally able to be alone at the moment, and puts her general annoyance to support her comrade. It actually is the first time Grace shows positive feelings towards Frankie in a grand manner. Here the series shifts to a darker, more blue color, to mark the significance of such moment in the series. Furthermore, Frankie remarks that she “is feeling blue”, as to hint to the change in overall colors of the scene.

Here we can see how the scene gets darker.

Getting Out of Prison: Heaven or Hell?

The last episode of the season…definitely the most unforgettable.

Centered around Piper when the show first began, well this season definitely ended with Piper. However, the characters fans grew to love didn’t have the same fortunate fate as did with Piper. Because of such a complex and compelling plot, this episodes goes through multiple intersecting themes.

Tastyee when hearing the final verdict in court.

We can start by examining one of our beloved characters Tastyee. During the season, we follow Tastyee’s case for a murder that she obviously didn’t commit, however she is put on trial because of the role she played as the riot leader and because fingers were pointed when detectives just wanted out of the investigation. The thing that makes her case so conflicting is that the CO murdered is someone that every fan would agree to have hated throughout seasons 4 and 5, dirty police officers covered up and framed the girls for his murder, and one of Tastyee’s best girls testified against her. It is humbling to know that all Tasha Jefferson (Tastyee) wanted was for her friends justice. Her morals and constant fight for the ‘right thing’ makes an overarching theme for the entire season. It is the idea of family first and in this case betrayed by someone she considered family truly stung but proven in Darwin’s theory of evolution, organisms do not behave for the good of society.

Carol and Barb after they slaughtered each other…

Next up we have Carol and Barb. The season broadcasts their rivalry the entire season leading to both of their deaths in the final episode. Following the shows overarching theme, family first, in episode 13 the girls put aside their differences and attempt to work together to murder the person that double crossed them many years back. They always had a rocky relationship but when it came down to murder they always seem to be on the same side especially since they murdered their own SISTER. Somehow together, they schemed up a plan and made the other inmates think that there was going to be an ultimate battle (leading up to all of their deaths at the kickball game) however they were working together to reveal the good ole revenge scheme everyone loves in dramas.

Blanca being sent to immigration services after being released from prison.

The most horrific ending for a character in TV history (besides Tastyee of course) is Blanca Flores. The role she plays as a character has progressed so much throughout the seasons, she went from being a weird woman who didn’t shower or talk, to being one of the most inspirational characters fight for…her family. However her fate revealed to us another theme the show was trying to convey and that is the idea of harsh reality. Despite how much you try to make something work, there is a possibility that it might not which is horrible but just like Blanca said, bad things come in three. We must be prepared. With every twist in turn in the show, the girls always overcome which is why I’m not worried for any of their progress in the next season of the show.

How the writing in “Grace and Frankie” comes in handy:

Grace and Frankie takes on the issues of two couples that were separated because one of the partners had been secretly in love with someone of their same sex. Throughout the first episode, we can see glimpses of what the characters are like through the way they dialogue with each other. In this way the writers, use dialogue to characterize their main characters. Given that this was the first episode of Grace and Frankie, the writing often felt slow, however I attribute this to the fact that the pilot episode often serves as the introduction to the series.

The way dialogue occurs between the characters is used to show us how they are. For example, we can see how Sol often stutters when speaking with Robert. This could indicate that he is still somehow insecure about his true sexual orientation. However, when he briefly speaks with Frankie, as a friend, he does not stutter. Through Sol’s stuttering or absence of such, we can see how complex the issues Sol has to deal with are. On the other hand, Robert is very secure when he speaks. However, when he dialogues with Grace, we can see how he often leaves many silences. These silences can indicate two things. First, it hints at how he feels kind of sorry for hurting Grace in the way he did. Furthermore, in the spots the silences are placed, we can see it as a hint that he hoped that his wife would have noticed about his true sexual orientation beforehand, given that he was sort of more open to it.

We can further see how Robert is more comfortable with his sexual orientation in how he often is the one to initiate physical contact.

When we focus on the dialogue that occurs between Grace and Frankie, we can see their true feeling behind the shocking news they just received. When they drink the Peyote tea, and take the muscle relaxers, they open a lot to each other. The dialogue that occurs here is very revealing of their characteristics. For example, we notice that Grace feels angry about the news, while Frankie feels more heartbroken.

I really enjoyed the way Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris wrote the episode. Marta Kauffman is mostly known for co-producing and being a writer in the sitcom “Friends”. Something that stands out to me is that just like “Grace and Frankie”, “Friends” uses plenty of dialogue to characterize their characters. I also imagine Frankie being an older version of Phoebe.

Friends was a popular show also written and produced by Marta Kauffman.

Fresh Off a Netflix Binge

Hey, y’all! My name is Bailey Moore and I’m from Norcross, GA. I’m a first- year BME student here at GT with a Spanish minor and an anticipated graduation date of 2022 (probably, hopefully, maybe in December #relatable ).

Related image

me, still shook that we get to call enjoying TV homework

I was in the IB Diploma Programme in high school which meant a LOT of writing and speeches and more writing. This is my first English course at Tech, so I’m enjoying a little bit of a twist to the old monotonous English classes I dreaded in high school. Can you tell I’m a STEM major? I do, however, enjoy making infographics and doing oral presentations, especially creative ones rather than the long literary analysis speeches I’m used to because I feel interested and engaged myself when I use those methods of communication and I feel that the comfort and confidence of the communicator has a large effect on how the message is communicated. I struggle with nonverbal communication mainly because I haven’t practiced it or really looked into its significance. I am hoping to improve my nonverbal and electronic communication this semester, especially with infographics, body language, and voice tone, because I feel that they could contribute to making me appear more put- together and knowledgeable than I may be.

In reference to the course theme, I have a ton of experience with both TV and Feminism. I watch Netflix more than I’d like to admit and I even have a tattoo on my wrist of the equal sign which I got after the Women’s March here in ATL, but I haven’t previously combined these two passions, so I’m excited to see what the course has to offer. I also tend to watch the same types of shows when I watch. For leisure, I watch laid- back adult comedies like Modern Family, Bob’s Burgers, and The Big Bang Theory, and for Netflix binges, I go for thrilling dramas like Bloodline, Sherlock, and  Stranger Things. I hope that this course will show me new types of shows and let me expand my thinking about TV and how it can reflect our culture as an art form.

Image result for emma watson gif

I guess you could say I’m kinda an expert. heh. (10 points if you understand why I chose Emma Watson for this)


For this semester, I have chosen to review Fresh Off the Boat because I like that it shines a light on immigrants in America and I want to widen my scope of TV viewing to include a wider range of characters. It is about a first- generation Asian- American teenager who is uprooted from Chinatown DC to suburban Orlando with his family as his father chases the American Dream. Although the show is humorous, I also think that immigration is a huge topic in our political climate right now and I’m interested to see what opinion this show will argue. With that said, let’s get binging!!


Image result for fresh off the boat

me, in the car, constantly irritating my friends by singing loudly and not well


Scandalous Intro

My motto is pretty similar to Mel’s: sit back, snack, and talk some smack.

Hello, fellow gladiators! My name is Callie Anderson, and I am a business administration major with an anticipated graduation date of 2022…ish. My overall experience with English classes has been quite enjoyable. I always learn new aspects of literature and communication, and I look forward to furthering my skills this semester. This is my second English class here at Georgia Tech. Over the summer, I took English 1101 with Dr. Rose and absolutely loved it. Her class had an urban sustainability focus which I got to implement into my life here at Tech. In both English 1101 and 1102, WOVEN serves as the platform for communication development. Written and visual forms of communication are where I thrive. I love depicting stories through artful language or by providing fun and helpful visual aids. Although I believe WOVEN is a great foundation for growth in composition and communication skills, I struggle with certain parts. Oral communication is my real-life version of Eli Pope (for all you Scandal fans). Every once in a while I can outsmart that sucker, but he always comes back to get me in the end. I rehearse, prepare, recite, and sometimes I am actually successful. But most times, even when I think I excelled, I stumble and stutter through a presentation, receiving a disappointing grade. I know my oral communication skills will not transform magically overnight, but I am hoping Professor Wilson’s class will “handle it” over time.

Image result for handle it gif from scandal

Whip that communication into shape, Dr. Wilson!

My experience with the theme of this class is both limited and extensive. Many of my nights have been spent watching countless hours of Netflix shows. If the Ghost of Christmas Pasts came to see me, he would probably focus on the boat-load of hours I have wasted watching mindless Netflix shows, eating the best junk food on the planet.

Related image

Mhmm I ain’t lying.

However, and here comes the scandalous part, I have almost no experience with feminism…

Image result for whoops scandal gif

Say whaaaaat???

Yes, you read that right. I do not consider myself a feminist. I do wholeheartedly support equal rights for women across the globe, but I hate taking on the victim mindset which I believe “feminism” embraces, especially in American culture.

This is why I chose Scandal as my TV show to analyze throughout the semester. I believe Olivia Pope, Melly, and other female characters fight to be treated equally without ever feeling sorry for themselves. Instead of stopping their jobs to protest unfair treatment while hoping for some government intervention, these women power through and fight for what they want. Not only do they fight for themselves, they usually succeed, which is quite refreshing and satisfying to watch. Therefore, I plan to demonstrate the real “feminist” work being done by these women in my blog posts over the semester. I hope that my blog posts will inspire the women that read it to put down the victim-focused protest signs and pick up their intelligent mental weapons to go get want they want and deserve.

Netflix and Blogposts

Hey y’all! My name is Rafael Barrientos; however, I go by my second name, Ernesto. I am from El Salvador, and a first-year student majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Hopefully, I will be graduating in 2022.

Image result for lago de coatepeque

That is a popular destination in my country

I am an international student; however, I have taken English courses throughout all my life. In my school I took English courses like AP Language and Composition. Therefore, I feel pretty comfortable writing and reading in English. I am very excited to further explore the electronic mode of communications, like Twitter, Blog posts, and Netflix. As an international student, I tend to have an accent, which sometimes makes me nervous, and probably affects my oral communication skills. However, I plan to speak plenty of English to feel more comfortable when speaking it. This is my first English class at Georgia Tech, and I am very excited for it. Especially for the aspect of TV and Feminism. Coming from a Latin-American country I can see how women (many times Latino women) are stuck portraying the same types of archetypal roles. Often Latino women are either playing a bombshell or a cleaning lady. Hopefully in the near future, Latino (and overall all) women can expand into more meaningful and powerful roles.

In can proudly say that I am a TV fanatic (of like five series). Mainly I have commitment issues with my series. I am afraid of committing to a forty-minute episode, given that I feel that they take more time to complete. Therefore, I stick to mostly twenty-minute episode series, like: How I Met Your Mother, That 70’s Show, etc. Probably the only long episode series I have binged is Game of Thrones.

Image result for barney stinson meme

“When they tell mw I cannot binge on How I Met Your Mother again”

For this course, I have chosen to review the series Grace and Frankie. I chose this show because it is a sitcom and has short episodes. Furthermore, my sister recommended it to me a long time ago. I have decided to trust her TV show taste. I think this show is about two women who do not get along and now are forced to get along, because their husbands are in a romantic relationship. Sit back, relax, and continue to enjoy the Grace and Frankie blog posts.

Image result for grace and frankie

“Well this looks awkward”

“Hello World”

Netflix original, Sense8, takes on a very unique form of storytelling

Hello World, my name is Blair Johnson. I am coming to tech as a electrical engineering major, and I intend to graduate in 2022 (although we’ll see how that goes). As with most U.S. students, I have been taking English classes for as long as I can remember. In high school I took IB English Lit as well as AP Lang and Comp. These were both very traditional English classes, centering around rhetoric and literary analysis. English 1102 this semester is going to be a big transition from those classes. I have never really explored different forms of media in an English class (save for when an English teacher tried to make us write Buzzfeed style Listicles). Thus, studying television and sharing my thoughts blog posts and tweets is going to be very different from anything that I have ever done before. I hope to get better at more casual, short-format methods of communication. I always feel awkward writing twitter posts, so I will be interested to see if I come out of this course liking twitter or hating it.

I like TV a lot. Increasingly with the rise of high-budget original content from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, I find myself more invested in TV shows than I am in most movies. The ability to bring movielike quality to the longer format of television storytelling is revolutionizing the industry, and I am all for it. On the topic of high budget Netflix original shows, I am going to be reviewing Sense8 in my blog posts. Last year a friend and I had tried to watch the whole series together and we only got a few episodes in. This was certainly far enough to get me  hooked on the show.


A Short and Sweet Intro

Hello! My name is Matthew Ramberger, and I am from Cumming, Georgia. I am planning on majoring in Electrical Engineering and hope to graduate by 2022.This is my first English class at Tech as I am a freshman. English was never my favorite class in high school, but it was never my least favorite either. I never liked the seemingly endless papers that I’d have to write which is why I am looking forward to this class since it focuses more on analyzing TV shows. My best form of communication is probably written/electronic since you have more time to think of what to say and how to say it. I struggle with oral communication in front of large audiences as I will more times than not forget what to say and make my presentations and arguments a lot weaker. I want to get more comfortable speaking in front of classrooms and large groups of people in hopes that it will help me succeed later in life.

I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to TV shows, but every few months or so I’ll get addicted and binge watch a show. My favorite two shows are Game of Thrones and The 100, but I’ve also enjoyed watching The Walking Dead, Arrow, Frontier, and Turn. As you can tell, I mainly enjoy watching shows that have lots of action and adventure, but I have branched out a bit and watched shows such as 13 Reasons Why and Black Mirror. I am excited that this class has a theme centered around television because it will give me a chance to find more amazing shows to get addicted to.

Funny Game of Thrones Meme

I have chosen to review Jessica Jones this semester since I have always enjoyed superhero shows and movies. I may or may not have watched the first episode or two a while ago when I didn’t really want to start a new show which is why this class is great since it gives me an excuse to start it. Also, I’ve never watched a superhero show with a female lead, so it should be super interesting and different. Overall, I am very excited for this class and all the shows that we will get to watch.

Jessica Jones Poster

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