Of the “Big Three”, CNN, FOX, and MSNBC, which network currently has the most shows with female hosts during weekday prime-time hours of 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.?

This research question aims to understand which major television news network has the most female hosted shows during prime-time TV during the week.  The question goes deeper than female representation on these networks, or even female anchors. Instead, the research question inquires which network gives female personalities their own show during the time when a network receives maximum viewing.  Thus, not only does the female personality report the news cycle, but they are also entitled to share their opinion and dictate their program. The way to recognize these shows is typically through the title. Usually, the host’s name within the title is a sign that the person hosts their own program, versus a title with the network’s name which indicates a regular news cycle with an anchor or newscaster.

Our group arrived at this question after refining our original topic down to a specific quantitative inquiry we could discover through research. We started with just the simple topic of Women in News.  The five group members each went in a different direction from here. Together we gathered sources which studied gender representation amongst major networks, sources which studied the types of stories women reported on the news, and sources which analyzed how often women appear in news stories. However, after combining our best sources, we decided to ask a question about power. We wanted to know which major news network gives women the largest and loudest voice during prime-time hours. Next, we decided to narrow down the networks to the “Big Three”, FOX, CNN, and MSNBC, and we chose what hours were considered “prime-time”. Lastly, we wanted to collect data from scheduled weekday shows rather than weekend shows which had less personality-specific programs.

The research question matters to us because the frequency and credibility granted to these women matters to the nation. The representation of female voice and opinion during heavy watched hours is a representation of the female voice in America. Throughout our research, we hope to understand which network best depicts feminism and a female perspective through the largest number of female hosts.


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Additional Comments & Questions:

  • Compare how many males host during 7-10pm
  • How does this compare to morning hours and their hosts? 7-10am
  • How many viewers do these shows get?

Make research question or Infographic title broader. Then use the specific questions and data to reveal the answer.