As a free choice of theme for my final blog post, I decided to talk about what makes a TV Show good and popular.

Different subjects are discussed in different TV shows, but how can this differences achieve the same goal and the same popularity? Besides popularity and views, I believe that TV shows are trying to ‘criticize’ society and show us a different way of thinking. I would say that gender equality is one of the main subject that has been used often to make people reflect about the society we live in.

Stereotypes related to gender equality represent a conflicted but at the same time interesting subject to watch, episodes are trying to get in our heads and make us think more about equality and how it affects our society.

Ever since the 1980s and 1990s when women took a huge spot on television, this activity has been growing since then and more often we see women representing top positions in TV shows. All this different approaches make TV shows more interesting and people actually get into it.

When I watch a TV show and for no reason I start talking with someone about what happened or why this person was doing that, I realized that I am already criticizing the point of the author and at the same time I am reflecting and comparing the character based on our society.

Besides that, when TV shows invert roles based on our society, people get more ‘addicted’ and they have more thoughts to talk to each other. That is the way that authors criticize society, they switch a predefined role and intentionally make us reflect about it.

The audience on the other hand, gets to think and reflect about this unfamiliar situation involuntarily and keeps watching just to see how the story is going to end up like.