English 1102: Television and Feminism

Dr. Casey Alane Wilson • Georgia Institute of Technology

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First Time I’ve ever been excited for an English Class… ever

Hey everyone! I’m Tanishq Sandhu from Dacula, GA. I’m here at Georgia Tech as a Computer Engineering major hoping to graduate by 2022. This is my first English course at Georgia Tech and I’m beyond excited for this semester. Yes, watching Netflix may be one reason I am so excited butthe main reason is that this English course is more aligned with incorporating modern ways of communicating such as tweeting, blogging, etc. This makes the class seem more relevant and thus makes it more engaging as compared to the typical high school English courses that stress writing essays repetitively. Even in this class I came in with a fear, because that is the impression I have from high school- writing until your hands can barely function any longer. I enjoy electronic and verbal communication with friends (talking, texting, and meeting up), but I struggle slightly with verbal communication with strangers such as giving speeches or striking up a conversation with someone I do not know and so this semester I want to practice this skill around campus by talking to new faces. Not only this, but I also hope to look for a leadership position where I get lots of practice working with new faces and talking in front larger groups. I honestly haven’t watch TV on a consistent basis since before high school started. With the increase in work, and decrease in free time, watching a television show became a rare commodity for me. I have chosen Grey’s Anatomy, a drama show about the relationships of a group of doctors at a Seattle hospital, simply because many of my friends in high school had recommended it and it is on the list of shows for this assignment. Now, I’ll have an excuse to watch it without feeling guilty about wasting time. Wow, I really love this class.


Grey’s Anatomy is known for its plot twists; many characters who are come to be favored by the viewers unexpectedly pass away.

My new Blog about Glow

My name is Eli Kessler and I’m a computer science major here at Georgia Tech. I expect to graduate in 2021.

I took English 1101 my first year here at Tech. My class section primarily focused on a variety of scientific articles. Prior to my time at Tech I took the upper level English courses offered at my high school, but opted to not take AP Literature in lieu of other AP courses that interested me more. I enjoy the mode of written communication the most out of the various WOVEN modes. I think this is likely my strongest mode of communication because it’s the means of communication I’ve really had to focus on using and improving the most for a grade. Additionally, I feel like it provides the most room for revision and rethinking as you can come back to a piece of writing at a later time and reread it, allowing for more time to reconsider and clarify what you want to communicate than the other modes. While it fails to communicate emotion as well as modes such as oral communication, it allows for a lot more room for subtlety than the other modes in my opinion. My written communication is certainly still far from perfect, and while this mode as well as the other four WOVEN forms of my communication could certainly be improved upon, I hope to improve my electronic communication the most in this course. Not only do I find that my communication in this arena is likely the most lacking but I believe that this course will provide me with plentiful opportunities to improve upon it. While I do use electronic communication in basic manners on a regular basis I find that I fail to share on social media as often as many others often do. The twitter assignments for this course will hopefully enable me to feel more comfortable doing so.

The theme of this course certainly aligns with my own personal interests. I watch TV fairly regularly (and sometimes excessively).

Promotional Image for Glow

I’ve chosen to watch Glow for my blog posts. I chose this show because I enjoyed Alison Brie’s acting in the show Community so I wanted to view more of her work. The show is about a struggling actress living in LA who turns to the world of women’s wrestling for an unexpected chance at stardom.

My First and Hopefully Worst Blog Post

My name is Matthias Heyrman, I’m a Biomedical Engineer (Business Major Eventually) hailing from the hills of Fairfield, CT, hoping to graduate in 2022 but expecting to graduate in 2023. English is by far my worst subject in school. Though I am a self-proclaimed expert in oral communication, and my friends believe that I practice a bit too often. My worst subject though (besides writing) is visual communication. I can neither produce nor understand visual communication, and in trying to improve this fault am practicing to create videos, gifs, and drawings whenever I have spare time (if I have spare time, this IS Georgia Tech).

I generally don’t watch much Television. TV is usually a background noise for when friends are over and I need something to avoid the inevitable awkward silence of life, and the majority of TV that I watch and pay attention to is old but gold BBC content (any Yes, Minister! or Monty Python fans here?) and some more recent British content, since it is not possible to convince my parents to watch more silly American media. I do have the fault of binging shows on Netflix (and via other means) whenever a friend recommends a show that I get caught on, which has occurred with Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, Disenchantment, and various other funny but ridiculous shows. But these are largely exceptions in my usual media consumption habits, and taking a class that requires large amounts of TV consumption is going to be a somewhat daunting challenge.

How I usually feel when forced to watch TV

Despite this, my primary means of media consumption are YouTube and Reddit, the dumping ground and front page of the internet respectively. I watch endless amounts of videos ranging from channels like TierZoo, to Kurtzgesagt, to Casey Neistat, to Daily Dose of Internet (recommended for people who wanna see happy 2-3 minute videos every few days).  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Internet I also get stuck watching endless amounts of content that isn’t very interesting.

None of us like spam but it’s a fact of life when browsing Reddit

I am going to be watching and reviewing the show New Girl, a show about a girl, Jess, moving into an apartment with 3 men in Los Angeles, and the dramatic and ridiculous events that ensue as they must in a Sitcom. I have already seen the first episode of the show and have been resisting binge-watching it in order to get work done in my first year of college, but now I have a school-related excuse to watch a show that I have been interested in for a few weeks, and I hope that studying it will give me greater insight into how Sitcoms use Visual and Circumstantial comedy. All that’s left now is to start binging!

New Girl is for new girls right?

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