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TVFem is the New English

Hello everyone! I am Alex Marin, a freshman MSE major from Sanford, NC who plans to graduate in May 2022.

Me at the Summer Palace in Beijing, China

While English has never been my favorite subject, I think this was largely due to the emphasis on writing and broad topics that many of my English classes focused on. During my senior year of high school, I experienced my first English classes on more specific topics (Southern Literature and Literature of the American West), which I enjoyed a lot more because they incorporated historical culture as well as just writing. This past summer I took English 1101, where I got my first taste of multimodal communication through the lens of the American Civil Rights Movement. I enjoy casual communication with friends through oral or electronic means, but I sometimes get nervous and stressed out when I have to give a formal speech or presentation. As this class is focused on television, I anticipate a lot of challenges with visual communication, where I need to choose visuals to accurately portray shows and statistics about television. As outline in my week one video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9RD5_0irqs), I have come up with several goals to help me improve my verbal communication skills this semester.

Although I have never been a big television fan, I have enjoyed several historical and dramatic series including Showtime’s Billions and Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle. I recently binged the Netflix series American Vandal and started watching Game of Thrones with my roommates, so my exposure is growing quickly. However, I have never previously given much thought to how women were portrayed in television shows or whether they played significant roles in the production and writing of these shows. I am excited that this course’s theme will allow me to do just that, forcing me to view television in a new light.

I have chosen to review Netflix’s well known Orange is the New Black in my blog posts this semester. I chose this series due to its positive reception from some of my friends and critics alike, as well as the fact that it is a comedy and I love a good laugh. The series follows a women who is imprisoned in a women’s prison for a long ago minor drug offense and her and the other inmate’s struggles.

Season 1 Trailer for Orange is the New Black


Netflix and I – A Love Affair

Howdy, everybody! My name is Sofi Soto and I am a business administration major (showing scheller some love woohoo!). Business is a weird passion to have (trust me I know), but to me it is super exciting and rewarding to learn about. I am a first year and have every intention of graduating in 2022 in order to avoid being disowned by my parents – no pressure. I have a long journey at tech ahead of me, but I am very much looking forward to everything ahead.


me realizing I have four years left before I graduate

My past experience with English courses has been very traditional. It comprised mostly of analyzing literature and writing essays – nothing to get excited about. As much as I enjoy reading literature, it gets repetitive in the sense that there are so many modes of communication I have barely touched and have been working on written since a very young age. I am very excited to continue learning about electronic communication. It surprises me that despite being in the 21st century there is still a huge lack of electronic media education in most public schools. It is such a relevant topic in the modern workplace and think it is the most effective platform to communicate to today’s youth and eventually the world. Electronic media has a huge global impact unique to this mode of communication only.


I definitely struggle most with verbal and nonverbal communication – generally presenting myself on a regular basis. In terms of verbal communication I have tendencies to stumble on my my words due to lack of confidence. This lack of confidence also tends to impact my nonverbal communication through awkward hand movement and body language. I am hoping this class will help give me the practice I need to gain the confidence to correct these issues.


I am so excited to explore the realm of television. I am definitely a lover of netflix (and hulu I won’t discriminate). I spend hours on the platform every week. I need netflix to refuel like most people need coffee. This is why I am in this class. It made a lot of sense. I have never truly analyzed a show for social commentary, but am excited to see things from a new perspective.


I chose to watch Fresh off the Boat for this project. The show is focused on an Asian-American family who moves from New York to Orlando to open a restaurant. It intrigued me because of the central focus on an Asian American family which is not commonly represented in American television and I thought that it therefore could have some interesting social commentary to analyze. I also tend to enjoy more lighthearted shows and the structure of this as a comedy sitcom fits my preferences.


I am excited for a fun year! Until next time, bloggers!

Switched at Birth? Maybe not. Switched for this class? Oh Yeah.

Hey! My name is Matthew So, I am a Computer Science major, and I plan on graduating in 2022, assuming all goes well. Although for most of my life, I have lived in the U.S., for my earliest years, I was raised in Hong Kong, so there’s that.

Although I have, of course, taken English classes in the past, including AP English Language in high school, this is my first English class at Georgia Tech. However, as you may know, this class certainly diverges from most other English classes; for most, I remained unconvinced in my abilities to write, which led me to treat such classes begrudgingly, as only busy work to finish. As such, for me, I most enjoy non-verbal communication, since unlike most types, it remains hidden yet enhances other, more visible, communication modes; even the raising of an eyebrow can completely alter the connotations of a sentence. However, I still struggle with verbal and oral communication; it’s just that every word matters, and because of that, it’s difficult to balance both clarity and emotiveness, meaning that half the time, I act far too formally, causing me to speak nearly condescendingly or incomprehensibly, while in the other half, I become so informal that it outright becomes inappropriate (hopefully, this blog will address that). With this class, however, and the fact that this class involves significant interpretation of verbal and oral communication, since the class requires analyzing television, I’m confident that I’ll be able to become more aware of visual implications. Speaking of television, for me, I never really engaged with current TV, simply because I either couldn’t allow myself enough time or because none of the TV shows available on major networks at the time interested me. However, with many of the current TV shows that this class has introduced me to, such as Jane the Virgin and The Good Place, I believe that I might re-enter the realm of TV, especially with the wide variety available today (after all, this is supposedly “peak TV”).

My face after realizing that I get to watch TV for a grade

As for the TV show to review, I have chosen Switched At Birth primarily due to its handling of not only class distinctions but also deaf/hearing distinctions as a television show from a national broadcaster in prime-time. The plot centers around two girls, Bay, and Daphne, the former of which was raised in a wealthy suburb and the latter of which was raised in an impoverished neighborhood and became deaf after contracting meningitis, which were, like the namesake, switched at birth. Overall, though, I’m excited for this TV show, especially considering the high representation of deaf or hard-of-hearing actors and actresses in this program.


FYI: Here’s What You Need to Know About Me


My name is Maya Krajeck. I am majoring in industrial engineering, a status I hope to soon change, and I am optimistically (and apparently unrealistically judging by the other blog posts’ expectations on the matter) expecting to graduate in 2022. I have lived in Nashville Tennessee for the past 6 years, however I was raised half in Florida and half in Greece. Due to this bicultural exposure, it is technically accurate of me to claim that English is my second language, and I take no hesitations in blaming my poor grammar on that.

I never truly loved English classes, that is up until my senior year of highschool, yet I always loved literature. I was the socially awkward kid in elementary school who spent recess huddled in a corner over a book. I can vividly remember my nose stuck in a novel as I walked around my house, bumping into furniture and enduring stubbed toes in sake of a good story. You would hope this somehow translated to me being a good listener, however my ears are almost as weak as my mouth. Verbal communication will never cease to be an obstacle for me, with the only glimmer of hope being in my pun and “wit” abilities (which are built completely off shows such as Gilmore Girls, 30 Rock, and Will and Grace). I would love to improve on all elements of “WOVEN” but verbal is definitely a priority. My Greek heritage helped me become advanced in non verbal communications, as our hands are usually saying more than we do. This is my first English class at Tech, and rate my professor makes me optimistic that I can accomplish my goals in it.

I have never before taken an English class which assigned me TV shows to watch. I am grateful for this opportunity, as I consume way too much TV.  I watch everything: Bojack Horseman, Big Little Lies, Game of Thrones, Seinfeld, Girl Meets World (a fantastic feminist show that should be on the list). When asked whether I am a movie or TV person, TV is always the answer.

For this assignment I will happily be watching Murphy Brown, a show I had never even heard of before this class. It follows a headstrong Murphy Brown in her return to journalism after rehab. My interest in this show peaked after ready Stealing The Show and seeing its positive influence on television culture.

Image result for murphy Brown gif

When you get to watch TV for class.

The Best Blog in the Game

How’s it going everyone? I am Adhav Arulanandan, no worries if it takes you twenty tries to get that right. I’m from Crystal Lake, Illinois, about an hour out from the Windy City. I am a first year Aerospace Engineering major (and Physics soon). I will be graduating.

My high school English classes ran the gamut from the boring and rote Literary Explorations III to the more exciting and free Creative Writing. They were always writing-heavy though, which was an issue since I was awful at writing going in to high school. All the practice helped me get a lot better, and it was through my Creative Writing class that I learned the issue was that I concerned myself too much with what I anticipated my audience’s reaction to be. I focused more on just getting my ideas onto the page with less of a self-inflicted filter, and I saw my writing quality rise. My biggest regret was not realizing this sooner, since I never had the opportunity to apply this to my speaking ability. I’m still a nervous wreck when I get up to speak to any crowd of more than zero people. This is (obviously) my first English class at Tech, and it is where I hope to improve my public speaking skills the way I did my writing in high school.

I haven’t watched much TV in the last three years, mostly because in my high school dorm, we didn’t have cable (I also procrastinated a lot, leaving myself no free time to watch TV, but let’s just blame my high school). I would, however, go home most weekends to Bears games and recorded episodes of The Big Bang Theory and The Middle.

Don’t give me that look of pity, we’re relevant again.

My brother and I also tried to finish Friends, which for some reason took us three summers, and this summer we started BoJack Horseman. My junior year roommate binged Netflix shows, and I often watched with him, even during the following year when we were no longer roommates. The shows we watched (though I missed episodes in between), included The Office (US), How I Met Your Mother, and …

It’s been a while.

Orange Is the New Black, which is the series I will be reviewing for this class. It is a show about a women’s prison and inmate Piper’s journey through a life that she, at first, is clearly not cut out for. A friend introduced it to my roommate and I by gushing over the incredible job the creators do with character development throughout the series, and even by watching a few episodes of the first season I was able to see what he was talking about. I was a fan, but homework piled up and took over, so I never finished. But now I have an excuse: it is, literally, my homework to watch this show.

Intro,ductory; Post:

Hello fellow bloggers and GT students, my name is Kaleb with a K. It is fully Kaleb Gauntt but I have to say with a K so often it might as well be a part of it. I am from Savannah, Georgia. Well, I am sort of from Savannah; I was born in Kentucky and I lived the longest in Anderson, South Carolina, but I have also lived in Missouri and North Carolina. I am a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer who should, but probably won’t, graduate in 2022.

This is the only English class I have taken and will take at Tech as I got my English 1 credit in high school. I, have always, had difficulty; with commas and punctuation, of that sort. I am not so good at speaking English either, at least around others. I do love reading and creative writing, but only by my own will, I generally resent assigned reading and writing because it takes half of the fun out of it. I do hope that I can improve my ability to publicly speak, but I fear, there is not any, hope, with my use of co,mmas and sentence structure. I’ve also been told that I often use passive voice–which is apparently a bad thing–while writing which I find to be a made up concept thrust upon me in the 11th grade.

As far as TV goes, I am a binger. I have binged long shows such as Doctor Who and Supernatural in a matter of weeks. I do try to stay up to date on shows I have caught up on like the Flash, D-Who, or Boku no Hero Academia. Which brings us to another point of my TV lifestyle, I am an anime fanatic. I have watched over 30 anime within the last 2 years and I’m constantly watching more. Though my favorite “TV show” is a web series put out by the production company, Rooster Teeth.

A darker super hero story focusing on a bad ass female hero.

For my TV show, I chose Jessica Jones. It is a show about a lesser known marvel hero who has powers and does super hero stuff. I chose Jessica Jones for two reasons: I have wanted to watch it and I have already watched all of Super Girl.

Fresh off to 1102

Hi everyone, my name is Bruce Qin. I am a freshman at Tech (Class of 2022); I am currently majoring in computer engineering but planning to switch to electrical engineering.


In highschool, I took AP Capstone AP English Language and Composition. These courses exposed to research writing and a wide variety of readings. ENGL 1102 is my first english class at Tech and I’m very excited to learn about Television and Feminism. Over the past years, I’ve been trying to improve my oral communication skills as well as broaden the types of books I read. We had annual public speaking events and I was able to try different types of presentations such as persuasive speech, TED talks, and interpretive reading. Being able to experience these different types of public speaking helped me become a better speaker and learn how to integrate the various components of WOVEN. This semester and in the near future, I hope to read both fiction and non-fiction literatures on different topics so I can gain more knowledge in distinct fields.


I never watch cable but I would often catch up on shows when they are released on Netflix. I have seen shows such as The Good Place, Sense8, Orange is the New Black, etc. However, when I rewatched The Good Place for ENGL 1102 and tried to understand the show rather than simply watching for the plot, it was a different experience. I was able to better understand how aspect such as color and music affected the atmosphere and the deeper meanings behind the comical commentaries. I’m excited to discuss about the TV shows we will be watching for class rather than simply binging through them on the weekend.

Fresh Off the Boat, TV show I will be writing about in blog post.

Similar comedy show about Asian-American family.

I have chosen to watch Fresh off the Boat to watch for my blog entries. It focuses on an Asian-American family trying to adapt to the American culture during the 1990s. I have seen a trailer of the show before and I’ve wanted to watch it but never had a chance yet. I have also seen another comedy show that had a similar plot of an Asian-American family making their way in the US and really enjoyed it. I’ll try to understand the show from different perspectives and think about what the director has done to develop the show.

An AESTHETIC Introduction or, How to get Off the Boat

Hello all, my name is James Peavy, and I am a first-year Psychology major. (but I am probably going to switch into IE for Financial Systems) I hope to graduate in 2022, but it is very possible that I graduate a year or so later. I really enjoy a genre of music called Vaporwave (specifically its sub-genre ‘Future Funk’), and I advise everyone to try to listen to a bit of it. (it can be some good study music!)

Its just as much about the aesthetics as it is the music.

This isn’t my first English class at Georgia Tech, so I am familiar with the WOVEN modes and how things are structured. I am looking forward to a ‘slower’ English class than my ENGL 1101 class in the summer.

I personally like written communication the best because it lets me fully flesh out an idea before I officially ‘present’ it to someone else. On the flip side, I dislike oral communication because it forces you to quickly speak your mind or convey your opinion, and because you are given little time, your view might not be as fleshed out as you would like. I hope to improve my oral communication skills, and find out how to quickly add to a discussion in a meaningful and worth-while way.

I have little experience with TV and feminism, but I do have some understanding of feminism’s core values and teachings. TV is a thing of the past for me, I used to watch a lot while eating dinner when I was a kid, but after that phase I decided that YouTube contains a great deal of good, easily consumable, media.

I decided to review “Fresh Off the Boat” mostly due to its funny name and my knowledge of the history behind that name. I also enjoy the idea of watching a sitcom with an Asian family as the focus because I can’t recall any other series doing that. (usually its a white family)

Looking forward to seeing this show, glad I have an excuse to watch it!

Not Ruining a Space Opera with Boorish Behavior +1.3

Hi everyone! My name is Schuler Kleinfelter, and I’m a Music Technology major. I expect to graduate in 2022, but a victory lap isn’t entirely out of the question. Previously I’ve taken pretty standard English courses. I really enjoyed the analytical nature of AP Lang, and I despised the often-subjective and muddled nature of AP Lit. My favorite part of communication is phrasing and presenting my verbal or written communications in funny ways. I tend to struggle with nonverbal communication, mostly because I overthink it. I’ll spend so much time thinking about how to communicate what I want to nonverbally that I’ll miss my opportunity to actually do so. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve that this semester, although it will probably just take practice over time.

I never had cable TV as a kid, so I pretty much only watched PBS Kids and Sunday cartoons on The CW. I got Netflix a few years ago, and I’ve definitely spent more time watching it than I should have, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone to ridiculous levels with bingewatching. Almost all the shows that I’ve watched have been funny shows, but they haven’t been comedies first-and-foremost. I’ve watched procedural crime shows like Psych and Bones; space operas like Firefly and Dark Matter; fantasy adventure shows such as Doctor Who and The Magicians; fun science shows such as Mythbusters and The White Rabbit Project; and DC shows like Young Justice and Supergirl. I have very little experience with shows in which the main focus of the show is the relationships between characters or with shows in which the comedy is the main focus, because I tend to prefer shows where the comedy and drama are grounded by a central plot (as opposed to shows where the plot is secondary to the drama or comedy). So shows such as Jane The Virgin — where it’s easier to count the characters that haven’t diddled each other than the ones who have — will be new to me.

I have chosen to review Killjoys because it’s a space opera, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the other space operas that I’ve watched.

Killjoys Poster Art (click here for original image URL)

For anyone wondering, a space opera is a scifi show set largely in space (who would have guessed?) including elements such as daring adventure, interplanetary battles, advanced weaponry, chivalry, and characters with special abilities. The most famous of which is Star Wars.

Killjoys is about three bounty hunters called Killjoys who chase down warrants throughout an area of space called the Quad which is on the brink of a class war.

Fun Fact: before I decided on Killjoys I was considering sense8, and my title for this blog post would have been “A Sense8tional Introduction.”

First Time I’ve ever been excited for an English Class… ever

Hey everyone! I’m Tanishq Sandhu from Dacula, GA. I’m here at Georgia Tech as a Computer Engineering major hoping to graduate by 2022. This is my first English course at Georgia Tech and I’m beyond excited for this semester. Yes, watching Netflix may be one reason I am so excited butthe main reason is that this English course is more aligned with incorporating modern ways of communicating such as tweeting, blogging, etc. This makes the class seem more relevant and thus makes it more engaging as compared to the typical high school English courses that stress writing essays repetitively. Even in this class I came in with a fear, because that is the impression I have from high school- writing until your hands can barely function any longer. I enjoy electronic and verbal communication with friends (talking, texting, and meeting up), but I struggle slightly with verbal communication with strangers such as giving speeches or striking up a conversation with someone I do not know and so this semester I want to practice this skill around campus by talking to new faces. Not only this, but I also hope to look for a leadership position where I get lots of practice working with new faces and talking in front larger groups. I honestly haven’t watch TV on a consistent basis since before high school started. With the increase in work, and decrease in free time, watching a television show became a rare commodity for me. I have chosen Grey’s Anatomy, a drama show about the relationships of a group of doctors at a Seattle hospital, simply because many of my friends in high school had recommended it and it is on the list of shows for this assignment. Now, I’ll have an excuse to watch it without feeling guilty about wasting time. Wow, I really love this class.


Grey’s Anatomy is known for its plot twists; many characters who are come to be favored by the viewers unexpectedly pass away.

My new Blog about Glow

My name is Eli Kessler and I’m a computer science major here at Georgia Tech. I expect to graduate in 2021.

I took English 1101 my first year here at Tech. My class section primarily focused on a variety of scientific articles. Prior to my time at Tech I took the upper level English courses offered at my high school, but opted to not take AP Literature in lieu of other AP courses that interested me more. I enjoy the mode of written communication the most out of the various WOVEN modes. I think this is likely my strongest mode of communication because it’s the means of communication I’ve really had to focus on using and improving the most for a grade. Additionally, I feel like it provides the most room for revision and rethinking as you can come back to a piece of writing at a later time and reread it, allowing for more time to reconsider and clarify what you want to communicate than the other modes. While it fails to communicate emotion as well as modes such as oral communication, it allows for a lot more room for subtlety than the other modes in my opinion. My written communication is certainly still far from perfect, and while this mode as well as the other four WOVEN forms of my communication could certainly be improved upon, I hope to improve my electronic communication the most in this course. Not only do I find that my communication in this arena is likely the most lacking but I believe that this course will provide me with plentiful opportunities to improve upon it. While I do use electronic communication in basic manners on a regular basis I find that I fail to share on social media as often as many others often do. The twitter assignments for this course will hopefully enable me to feel more comfortable doing so.

The theme of this course certainly aligns with my own personal interests. I watch TV fairly regularly (and sometimes excessively).

Promotional Image for Glow

I’ve chosen to watch Glow for my blog posts. I chose this show because I enjoyed Alison Brie’s acting in the show Community so I wanted to view more of her work. The show is about a struggling actress living in LA who turns to the world of women’s wrestling for an unexpected chance at stardom.

Wanna know about the New Girl?

Hi guys, I’m Inhee Baek. I am a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering. My anticipated year of graduation is 2021 but I plan to do co-op, so hopefully, I graduate by 2022.

I was not a big fan of English in high school. This made me worry when I decided to take ENGL 1101 at Georgia Tech but it went pretty well because the topic was interesting.

I enjoy the oral mode of communication. I am a person who likes to talk and listen to others. I can clearly express my opinion and understand what others are trying to convey.

Me being confident about the Oral mode of communication

However, I struggle with the written mode of communication as I mentioned in my First-Week Video. Since we have many assignments associated with written mode of communication such as blog posts and twitter, I hope I can improve upon my writing skills in this semester.


I have not watched a TV show since I came to Tech a year ago. Before I came to Tech used to be a TV fanatic. If I am into a show, I binge Netflix at 3am even if It is a weekday and I have an 8AM class the day after. I know that this will make the life at Tech hard because they make it hard to manage my time efficiently. That is why I intentionally stayed away from TV shows. But now I can binge-watch and say it is my English assignment!

Me telling myself it’s fine to watch TV all day because it was an English assignment

I have chosen to review the New Girl. This show is about a girl, Jess, who moved into an apartment with 3 guys and the events that occurred between them. I have already seen the first few episodes and became a big fan of this show. It has an interesting theme and the chemistry between the characters is strong. After I finish this Introductory Blog Entry, I am going to start binging!

My First Rodeo in 3 Years!

Hi! My name is Francis Fataki, and I am a 2nd year Computer Engineering major planning to graduate in May of 2021. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia; however, my family is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although I have many relatives residing there, I  have never visited the country and hope to do so soon.

One experience that I am excited about is getting the chance to take English 1102 this semester. The last time I took an English course was in the Fall of 2015 as a part of my school’s dual enrollment program with Georgia State University. For the duration of the semester, I was tasked with analyzing and comparing a variety of sources that discussed Bonnie and Clyde in some fashion. Although I enjoyed the class, it was unlike any English course I had previously taken. The ones I was registered in prior to that often involved writing in various genres in response to a prompt.

Since most of the English courses I took were writing intensive, I developed an appreciation for written communication. With this mode, I am able to convey my thoughts clearly and effectively without having to worry about my limitations with oral communication. For as long as I can remember, oral presentations have always been one of my shortcomings. When conversing with others, I sometimes stumble over what I have to say, and in some instances, I stammer so much that my speech becomes incoherent.

As the semester progresses, I hope to see improvements in how I communicate verbally and with pen and paper. In fact, I am fairly certain that I will see better results in both regards this year with the amount of assignments that require the use of both modes.

As far as the course theme of television and feminism, I have only immersed myself in TV. During my senior year of high school, I became attached to reruns of the Walker, Texas Ranger series which would appear on my program guide every evening. In fact, I would record episodes I could not view at a certain time and binge watch them at a later date. However, my connection to the show, and TV altogether, waned as I transitioned into my first semester at Tech. Although I may never be able to re-establish my attachment to the show, I feel as though this course will revive my relationship with TV in a new mold and allow me to deeply consider the representation of women behind the scenes.

The first and only TV series I’ve ever obsessed over

For this class, I have chosen to review Orange is the New Black. This series mainly follows Piper Chapman, a public relations executive who must serve a prison sentence for committing a drug-related offense. I decided to view this show because I am interested in witnessing how Piper must relinquish her freedom and adjust to a new lifestyle in short order.


Might be my next favorite series, but I’ll wait and see!

New Blog Series on KillJoys

Welcome to my new blog where I will be writing about my thoughts and feelings towards various Television Shows.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I am Terence Lui, a freshman of fall 2018 from Hong Kong studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology. This is my first time studying aboard. I am currently majoring in mechanical engineering and I expect to graduate in the year 2022. I know some of you are interested in my English background, here is a brief overview of it.


「hong kong」的圖片搜尋結果

Hong Kong – My Hometown


The English course I am currently taking, English-1102 on Television and Feminism, is my first English course at Gatech and the first college-level English course I have taken. However, I took 2 Years of English A – Language and Literature in the International Baccalaureate program back in high school and another year in pre-IB. For the rest of my 15 years of education, English classes have mostly been focused on grammar and reading skills. I must admit, English writing is definitely not where my strength lies. Instead, I would say I’m good at infographics (Visual Communication). Nonetheless, by the end of this semester, I hope to improve both my oral and written communication skills in English. As often, I struggle with speaking and writing confidently while also unable to convey my ideas clearly using such means. The reason of which probably lies in the major factors such as accent, word choice and sentence structure. By the end of this semester, I hope to become more confident and skillful in both oral and written communication.

In this series of blog, I’ll be reviewing the first season of the Canadian TV Show “Killjoy”, which was first released on June 19, 2015. As a note, television drama has never been my thing, no matter North American TV shows nor Chinese ones. Instead, I usually watch documentaries or the news as well as factual YouTube videos especially those on tech or history and I enjoy them really much. So, please forgive me for any misunderstanding or misinterpretation I may have towards television shows.


Trailer of KillJoys Season 1


Why did I choose to review Killjoys? This is actually quite complicated. But to sum it all up, I have always been interested in sci-fi books and movies and I especially enjoyed movies such as Interstellar and Star Trek. Killjoys have been recommended to me by my professor, and it fits perfectly into my narrow window of interest, so I am going to give it a try (and probably watch a season a day as I’m bad at stopping myself).

Hope everyone will enjoy my upcoming blog posts, see you soon.


“Cruises Travelling to Hong Kong, China | Star Cruises.” Asia Pacific Cruises, www.starcruises.com/sg/en/destinations/hongkong.

spacechannelvideos. YouTube, YouTube, 6 Apr. 2015, www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST9OkLjTu9Q.

“Scared to face the world, complacent career student, some people graduate, but be still stupid” -Kanye West

Aight ATL, what’s happenin’? I am David Veres and I came here from the far-reaches of Charlotte suburbs from a town by the name of Weddington in North Carolina to study Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. I anticipate to graduate with the class of 2022, but if my interests in foreign studies dragged that out by a semester or two, I wouldn’t mind it because I would always be coming back to my long admired city of Atlanta.

I am really looking forward to this English 1102 section of Television and Feminism because I am eager to delve into and understand a new form of media and art. I always found most of my experiences with English courses to be pretty dry because it was always the same recycled format of reading a book and writing a paper since my earliest days in elementary. Actually, I hated English classes for many years. I somehow reluctantly pulled myself through the AIG Reading program for about five years until I had my breakthrough in grades eight through ten. I had began to take rap more seriously in it’s lyrical dimensions and the poetry unit I loathed in previous years was something I yearned for — just not haiku’s and sonnets. It was the dissecting of hip-hop and rap verses that really helped me build up my analytical arsenal. In my last two years, College Board has once again managed to absolutely kill the joy I once had by making me write timed essays about article segments and read books that frankly had more incest than I could have ever asked for in Song of Solomon and Invisible Man.

Me trying to sneak in a Kanye reference for the ten millionth time.

Moving in a different direction, even though I said I think I would struggle most with the visual component of the class during my introduction video, I think I will still struggle more with the written component. Watching the novela Jane the Virgin has eased my nerves a bit and even made me excited to binge the whole season! However, even as I sat down to write this blog post, I still had to overcome this insane prewriting-phobia that I have every assignment. Seeing that the content of this course is significantly different and will be my last English class ever, I hope to overcome my fears of writing and even develop a desire to immediately put my thoughts into a body of work rather than procrastinate until the last day. Furthermore, I hope to become proficient in translating my thoughts and feelings into sentences that actually make sense (a longstanding Achilles heel of mine).

Finally, I am the farthest thing from “well-versed” in television. My only experience comes with Donald Glover’s show Atlanta FX which depicts a much more realistic struggle of daily life as an African American in modern America. Also, I have not had entrenched myself in the topic of feminism because I never had any social issues with the movement due to my very progressive and liberal ideology. I am more of a reserved person so I never had any friends that were girls, but over the summer I started my first serious relationship and I would not trade the knowledge I have gained and the way I view love for anything. It has been exceptionally exciting because my girlfriend is from a completely different country so getting to know her culture has been an endless supply for my curiosity. My curiosity is what is also leading me to chose to watch Orange Is the New Black as my show to review for this class. I am always gripped by highly provocative and polarizing figures because I enjoy how deeply they make me think about living a life from a different perspective and I feel like the radically lifestyle inside a women’s prison is exactly the fresh content my analytical mind needs.

Me to all my previous English teachers who never wanted to watch the movies for the books but that’s all I am doing this semester.

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