Ana Antón

(ICS 90, MS ICS 92, Ph.D. CS 97)

Professor and former Chair, School of Interactive Computing

What were the circumstances of your coming to work at the College of Computing?

I was recruited back to become chair of the School of Interactive Computing.

Prior to this, had you ever thought about coming back to work at GT Computing?

Not seriously.

What’s one of your favorite memories from your time as a student?

Attending the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida with Lorie Brinson English (ICS 90) and my parents. We won the 1990 Football National Championship against Nebraska and I still have the photo of the final scoreboard that was published in The Technique in my office!

How has the College changed since you were a student?

The students in the College are much smarter than we were and the students have amazingly beautiful spaces in which to study and collaborate that were unavailable to us when we were students.

What do you carry with you from your time as a student that still informs/influences your personal/professional life?

At Georgia Tech, I learned that it’s important to work on challenging and thorny problems, and I still am inspired to do that today.

How would you like to see the college grow in the next decade?

I’d like to see us offer more courses in privacy engineering. And I’d like to recruit more women to our faculty. It’s 2021 and sometimes I’m still the only woman in a meeting in the college; it really makes me feel like I’m back in school when sometimes I was the only gal in the class.