Sehoon Ha

(Ph.D. CS 15)

Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Computing

What were the circumstances of your coming to work at the College of Computing?

While working at Google, I wanted to come back to academia. Luckily, I found that GT is hiring new faculty so I could join this community.

Prior to this, had you ever thought about coming back to work at GT Computing?

Working at GT is some sort of my dream job. But honestly, couldn’t imagine seriously because GT is a top-tier engineering and science school.

What’s one of your favorite memories from your time as a student?

Madness near paper deadlines. It was tough but kinda enjoyed a great time with friends and colleagues.

How has the College changed since you were a student?

I think the number of students per class becomes much larger, which is a good thing!

How is GT Computing/Georgia Tech different than similar institutions?

I would say we are more modern and practical.

What do you carry with you from your time as a student that still informs/influences your personal/professional life?

I learned a lot about mentality from my advisor, which has been helpful throughout my life.

How would you like to see the college grow in the next decade?

We are doing great. Just keep growing as now!